Out of the Abyss

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and engage them. The characters might try to run, at
which point a chase ens ucc; (see MChases" in chapter
8 of lbe DunAf!on Master':. Guide}, or they might stand
and 6gbt. They might even try to set up some sort of
ambush. since the front ranks of the party are likely out
o[ sight of the drow when the) first catch up.
U the adventurer~ flee and successfully escape. they
lower the pur~uat lt:.el to 4 and begin avoiding their
pursuers again.lfth<'y fight the drow. run the encounter.
The drow scout focu~ on maintaining close pursuit and
peppering the character.. with poisoned hand crossbow
bolts. After ld6 + 4 rounds, the remainder of the drow
party (livara, A~ha.jorlan, and Shoor) catches up and
joins the enrounter.

Lf the adventurers lower th e purs uit level to 0, the
drow lose the trail unless circumstances allow them
to locate the charucters again. T his might include t he
characters s pendi ng o day or more in a place where they
are recognized, or whrre they talk openly about their
escape from Vdkynvelve. If the characters pass through
an area watched over by drow scouts or spies, llvara will
inevitably hear word of the characters' location. When
this occur~. increase the pursuit level to 1 and begin
tracking it again as the drow pick up the trail once more.

The dro~~ tf) to capture the> escaped prisoners if at all
possible. since llvara wants the pleasure of teaching
them ales on about disobedience. If the dark elves
reduce any characters to 0 hit points, those characters
are knocked out rather than dying (see ··Knocking a
Creature Out~ in c-hapter 9 of the Player's Handbook).
Even if one or mort> of the characters are accidentally
killed. Uvara il. obl.closed enough to cast raise dead to
restore them tO life (nssuming the character's soul is
willing to return).
Captured chnrarters are disarmed, their hands bound
with spider-silk rope, and ga~ged. The drow march
Lhem back to Velkynvelvc unless Mcnzoberra nzan is
closer, in which case llvara takes them there instead.
The chararte rs will need to come up with a new plan
of cscupe. ideally before llvara has th e opportunity
to torture th em or 5ellthcm into slavery in the City of
Spiders. If they escape her clutches again, the drow
prieste~s continues her pursuit until s he is dead or the
party leaves the Undcrdark (sec chapter 7 ).


Each day of travel through the Underdark. check nvice
Losee if the charac-ters encounter anything unusual:
once while they are tra,eltng. and again while they are
camped or reMing. Roll a d20 and consult the Random
Encounter~ tablt: to determine what. if anything. they
encounter. Characters rni~ht encounter special terrain.
one or more creatures. or a combination of the ['i\'O.
Any random encounter that occurs while the parry is
camped is automatically a creature encoumer. in which
case determine the encounter by rolling a d20 and
consulting t he Creature Encounter table.

d20 Encounter
1-13 No encounter
14-15 Temun (roll onc4! on the T4!rram Encounters table)
16-17 On4! o r more creatures (roll once on the Crearure
Encounters table)
18-20 Terra1n encounter featuring one or more crearures
(roll once on the Terrain Encounters table, then roll
once on the Creature Encounter table)

The Underdark contains dangerous hazards and
wondrous terrain. Special terrain rules are explained
after the table.

d20 Encounter
1 Boneyard
2 Cliff and ladder
3 Crystal clusters
4 Fungus cavern
s Gas leak
6 Gorge
7 H•gh ledge
8 Horrid sounds
9 lava swe
10 Muck p11
11 Rockfall
12 Rope bndge
13 Ruins
14 Shelter
15 Sinkhole
16 Slim4! or mold
17 Steam vent
18 Underground Str4!am
19 Warning s1gn
20 Webs

The characters come upon an eerie cavern littered with
countless bones of variou<; creatures. Whether the site
is a natural graveyard for some Underdark species or
the former lair of a fear..,ome predator, the characters
can p01enlially gather useful material for crafting among
the bones.
When the party enter s a boneyard. roll a d20 and
consult the tablt" to detr.rrmne ''hat creatures. if any, are
present. The undead rac;e up out of the bones and anack
when the first character~ are halfway across the cavern.

d20 Encounter
1-14 No encounter
15 -18 3d4 skeletons
19 - 20 1d3 minotaur skeletons

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