Out of the Abyss

(Jeff_L) #1
A chiT 2d4 x 10 teet high block.., the party's passage, bUI
a rolled up ro pe ladder i-. 'ISJble at the top.lf someone
hmb th c hff n:quanng a ..,urcessful DC 15
"" r~::th (Athleuc-.) t:hcck-and to~ down the ladder.
haracters t'.an pron'l'd OtherWJse. they lose ada) 's
tra\e l nndin:: anothl·r rout<'. If the characters remo,·e
the ladder once the) i.lrc at the top, they decrease the
dn)\\ pur-.un leH I b) I.

CRY!)TAt. Ct.u Tt:RS
The :ld\C:nturer~ pa-.s through a faerzress-suffused

  • uea tontainmg liM ..,ucd chunk~ of quartz that shed
    dam light an a 10 foot radiu~. A :>harp blow to one of
    the cry:.~:.~ b. tncluding throwing it so it impacts a hard
    sur fort•. r.auc;e<, it to bur~t in a I 0-foot-radius flash of
    blinding lig ht. Any cn:ULure within the radius must
    surre<'CI on n DC I 0 Constil ution saving throw or be
    blindc>d for I minute. A creature blinded by this e ffect
    repcatc, the Conc;tilution :.uving throw at the end of each
    of it!> turn!>. On .1 !>Ucce::.::.ful saw. it is no longer blinded.
    The chnracter can harYe!ot up to twelve of the crystals
    m total but takinR the. time to do so increases the drow
    pursuit lt-\t"l b) 1.

1 he ad\ c-nturcr:. ::.tumble upon a ca,·ern filled with fungi
dnd mushrooms of all ~w:.., and types. See -Fungi of the
Underdark" and choo..,e :.om~ interesting examples.

The adv~ntur r s comt! upon a cavern with a dangerous
natural gas leak. An) memb~r of the part) with a
pas~ive Wisdom (Perception) .,core of 14 or higher
detects s1gn~ of the ga~. The characters' travel pace
for the da} b ~lowed by half a!> they circumvent
the area. but there arc no ill effects. If the gas goes
undeterttd c:ach character in the area must make a DC
12 Constitution h<lv1ng throw. taking 5 (ldlO) poison
danla~l' on a failed :.ave, or half a~ rnucb damage on a

succes ful ont'. An~ open flames brought into the area
cause the ~ac; to nplodc. Each creature in the explosion
must make a 0(. 15 De,tcrity saving throw. taking
10 (3d6) fire damag<-on a failed save. o r half as much
damage on a succe:.sful one.

The characters mu'>t make a d1fficult climb down a
gorge 2d I " IOU feet deep and up the other side. or find
a wa) around it. Thear travel pace for the day is slowed
by half unless the} come up with a plan to c ross the
gorge qu1ckly.

The character~ muht walk along an 18 -inch-wide ledge
that skirt a ravine 2d6 x 10 feet deep. The party's
travel pace for the day is s lowed by half, and each
character must s uccecd on a DC 10 Dexterity saving
throw to avoid a fall. Pretautions such as roping
everyone together let each character make the save with
advanragc. In crease the pur::.uit level of the drow by 1.

For hours. the party's travel is plagued by terrible
shneks. moons, and incoherent gibbering echoing
through nearby pa~:.age~. without any apparent origin.
Each l'haracter muc.t make a successful DC 11 Wisdom
sa\ing thrO\\ On a failed ave. the character's madnes:.
le\el incrcn es by l.

LA\'A g,, ELL
As the party traverc;e:, a long and winding corridor. a
tremor opens up a laHI filled fissure behind them. Each
character must make a DC 10 Dexterity sa\·ing throw
10 avoid the Java well. wking 21 (6d6) fire damage on a
failed save. Oecrea e the drow pursuit level by 1.

The adventurer~ mu:.t wade through a broad, 3-foot-
deep pit of s limy murk. The muck is difficult terrain
and chnn1cters have disadvantage on Dexterity saving
throws while within it, but the ir travel pace for the day is
s lowed by half if they go <around it.

As the adventurers make their way through a long.
twbung cavern. a trt>mor cts off a rockfall. Each party
member must attempt three DC 12 Dexterity saving
throw'>. taking 10 (3d6) bludgeoning damage on each
failed save. Any incapacitated creature not moved out
of the area i buried under rubble. taking an additional
ld6 bludgeoning damage at the end of each of its turns
until the t' rt>ature ts dug out or dead. Decrease the drO\\
pur:>uit level by l.

A ravane 2d4 w 10 feet w1de and 2d4 x 10 feet deep cuts
acro~c; the party's path. spanned by an old rope bridge.
lf the characters cut the bridge after they pass. the drow
pur:.uit level dccrca e<; by I.
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