Out of the Abyss

(Jeff_L) #1


Th1s book wu a collaboration between Wizards of the Coast
.lind Green Ron in Pubhshmg. Members of the Green Romn
creat•ve team ;ue m.llrked w1th an asterisk.
Story Creators: Chnstopher Perkms. Adam Lee Richard
Story Consultants: R A. Salvatore, Troy Denning

leo~d Adventure Designer: Steve Kenson*
Designers: Cam Banks. Wo~lter C1echanowsk1 *Alex Melchor,*
Chnstopher Perkms Chns Pramas,* Robert J. Schwalb.*
Matt Sernett, Rodney Thompson, Ray Winninger"'
Managing Editor: Jeremy Crawford
Editors: Scott Fitzgerald Gray. Chnstopher Perkins, Tom
Additional Proofreading: Peter Lee, Sean K Reynolds
Producer: Greg B1lsland
D&D Lead Designers: Mike Mearls, Jeremy Crawford

Art Directors: Hal Mangold,* Kate Irwin, Shauna Narc1so
Cover Illustrator: Tyler Jacobson
Interior illustrators: Empty Room Studios, Sam Burley, Olga
Drcbas. Wayne England. llich Hennquez, David Hueso,
Wi111am O'Connor, Claudio Pozas. jasper Sandner, Craig
Speanng, Bryan Syme Carlos Nui'\ez de Castro Torres,
Francts Tsa1, Anthony W.llters. R1chard Wh1tters Ben
Wootten Kier.lln Yanner
Cartographers: Jared Blando, M1ke Sch ey
Graphic Designer: Em• TanJ•

Project Management Nell Sh1nkle, john Hay
Production Services: Cynda Call.llway, jefferson Dunlap
Dav1d Gershman
Brand and Marketing: N:.than Stewart liz Schuh,
Chns L1ndsay, Shelly Mazzanoble, Htlary Ross. john Feil
Laura Tommervtk, Greg Ttto, Ktm Lundstrom, Trevor Kidd
Playtesters: Robert Alan1z. jay Anderson, Bill Benham, Stacy
Bermes, Anthony C.Hosell1, Krupal Desai, Frank Foulis,
jason Fuller, Gregory L Hams. justin Hicks, Yan Lacharite,
jonathan Longstaff, Matt Maranda, Shawn Merwin, Lou
M1chelh, Mike Mihalas, Karl Resch, Kyle Turner, Arthur
Wright, Kcok1 Young


To get tn) ,df 1111h • mmd .... ~t of telhng an Underdark-
Lhemt-d .... tur~ .... et 111 l Fr•rgotl<;n Realms. I went back
and read £\/It· b~ R. \ 1lvatorc. one of my favorite
Driut no' t>b It tdb ht :,tory of the dark elfs initial
ascent 10 the .,urface \vorld. Along the way. Drizzt
encounter., \\esrd Underdark c haracters. including a
deep gnome'' ith hammtr for hand~. a pech (a small
earth creature) polymorphed into a hook horror. and a
crazy witard \\ollh a Daem·., m~t:mt fortress.
After reading the book again. I was reminded
of Alice's Ad1 entures in l".onclerlund and Through
the Look inA Class. That's when L decided that our
Undcrdark tale was going to draw inspiration from
Lewis Carroll's work~. We would painlthe Underdark
ils an insanely wondrous domain into which our he roes
must descend.
First. WI' ncc:dcd a villain as deranged as the Queen of
I learts. Lolth wa~ an obvious choice. as was Zuggtmoy.
In re!'.c>ardling tlw l;stter, I was reminded oflhe Demon
Quet'n of Fun(.!i's ongoing feud withj uiblex. That's
when it oc·curn·d to me that we could be bold and tell an
Underdark '>lory featuring notjuM one demon lord. but
several of tlwm l\1.tybc even all o( them.
\Ve kne\\ tlt.ll our dc·mon-infcsted tale would have
rwo Driut noH·b a~ bookends. ~owe asked R.:\.
Sahatore to help U'> hrt'ak thl ~tory. \\e also asked Tro}
Dennin~. another cmc of our talented authors. w join us.
since he wa'> writing a nove• I about Orcus. Our of those
discussion'> canw tht-Rage· of Demons swryline. which
we prec;ented to the foil-s at Grc>c•n Ron in. CallooiL
callay! The} af(reed to t•ollaboraw with us on a D&D
adventure this boo!. you now hold in your hands.
Have fun ,.,llh it, and may I he :.toric:, of your players'
harrowtng e\ploits be a.., wonderful and unforgettable as
any great novel!
Christopher Perkins
June 2015

DrJ<I4ltrt111 Bt.furl yuu Htkr ~,., drrmm lurch c·on)IJ/! a pl1ysl''""· Do nol drmk al,ohol whtle 'akmgon demon lords. loklt~jJ u14.tlilul omJ J,mctt~ lcm.l\ r11oy
on<lfOit your lit~ oj diD lit ()rlmll<lttffet II of dtmon lords moy mcludc hollucmOIIOni. rMtdl••• roR•· gluilnny, srr~d pat~IIOID, sry d<lv>l•rl b<UtUI
uratt. ~~ftdivr1 htdo"•~m mrgulomomo D mtUJDh tompl;..~ ''Mrubolm'n. nt&JitJplt pttsortoJ,,,,s, Qttd honucldot fh't• hn\''

Tyler jacobson tltustrates Demogorgon,
the Pnnce of Demons. rampaging through
Menloberranzan after bemg ripped from the
Abyss by the drow arch mage Gromph Baenre

62082439000001 EN
ISBN 978·0·7869-6581·
Frrst Prtnttng September 2015


DUNC£0NS X, ORAGONS OS 0 Wrzord> of rhe Co.ul forgolt<n Re•lms, rhe dr1goo amperund, Oul oflht Aby", Pl•ytr 1 H•ndboo~ Mon>ter Mon.•l D·n~eon M•ster's Cuode
.aU othtr WtlAtd\ ol tt•r. Co''' produtt n tmn •"d t~tr respe<.uve lo~o' .u~ tr;adtmarks of W•nrds o# che Cout ., rht USA ... nd othrr count11n All ch~r;cttri ~nd thetr distint.twe
llktnessts art property o(WtJo~rd-. ur th~ Coo~ u Th•~ m~ten~l is protected under the eopyr•aht l.tw~ of tht UrHttd ~t.ate·~ of Amtt•<~ An)' rrprodL.tct•on or un~uthor~zed use. of the
matert.tl Ot wrrworl.: (Ortt.lntd htrttn ll prvh1btted W1thout th(' ~xpreSS wrintn ptfmiSStOn ofWt.t~td\ of lhCI (O,.lt
Gtttn Rom" Publi\hlnl o~nd rht Gtttrn Kontn PL~bhshm& logon~ u-.. demllth of Green Rontu Pubh,h•nK
Pnnl<d In the U~A i!>'OlS Wourd• of rht ConlllC, PO Bo> 707, R•nton, WA 980S1 0107, USA M•nuf.,lurrd by H••b•o SA Ru<Lmllo ButU.•I )I, 2800 O<olemont, (1-i
J(_cprcstntcd bt Uobso Ctuppt 4 fh,. s,u.,C $tackle) PitL.Ulbtidec M.ddtr,rt lfBll lEI UK

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