Out of the Abyss

(Jeff_L) #1
~uch as Blin~dt·n.,tone or C.rackl<,tugb. The society
mc·mber cnn pmvult· dctailrd \l'rbal directions tha t
<'hara~tcrs c:~n I oliO\\ to rc:ach '' hrchever Underdark
~t'ttlemcnt tht•y dt--.irc. Ho, .. ~,c-r. the society member
can't guar.rntl't' that the rout~ 1'-safe.lf characters
are -.c:arc hing fur ~rncthing ebe.lhe society member
prondcs '' h.rtt:\c:r J~~i-.tann~ it can.

Ont or more.. ere .Hurt krllcd and reanimated by
Zuggtmoy 's spun'!'> ob~c...r\'c tht characters as they pass
by The spore ~~·rv.rm<, don't co111municate and don't
a uack except 111 ,df ddcn r. Roll .t dlO and consult the
table to dcttr mrnt• what the dr.rracters encounter.

dlO Encounter
1 3 ld4 drow spore servants (see appendix C)
4- 6 ld6 due rgar s pore servants (see appe ndix C)
7 8 ld4 hook horror spore servants (see appendix C)
9-1 0 ld8 quaggoth s pore servants

Thc~c trader~ ply the tunnel of the Underdark.
tr,nding from -.c.ulemcntto ~~·lllt:meot. Roll a d4 and
c·onsuh th" t.lhlc to dctcrmrne \hat appears.


d4 Encounter
2d4 deep g nomes
2 2d4 drow
3 2d4 d uergar
4 2d4 kuo·toa

Deep gnornt and drO\ trilder~ have a SO percent chance
ol ha\'mg l1.1lf their Humlwr in giant lizards as mounts
and pnr k onrmnls. Duergtlr trader~ have a 50 percent

C':liAI'TEI! 2 IN Ill 111\RK NE'<~


chance of having half th ei r number in male steeders
(~c-e appendix C) <I'> pack animals. If there are male
c;teeders prc'!ooot'nt. there is a SO percent chance that the
traders ar1· t·~corted by a duergar kavalracbni asrridr a
female steeder (sec appt•ndix C for both).
The trader<. carry goods worth 5d4 x lO gp plus tt>n
day.s of prm i-.ion per mf'mber of their party: !he} are
willing to <,t•ll up to 20 percent of e n her. U drow rraders
sec the ad\·enturcrs and have the opportunity ro report
it. incrt•a..,e the drow pursuit level by I.

Instead of c hecking fo r random encounters every day,
you can s kip owr or s umrnarizt' parts of the characters'
journey. ~oil ld6 + l for tht~ number of days between
e ncounte rs, with the us ual rhance of t he encounter
bt!ing a te rrain e ncounter, a creature c ncoume r, or
both (as described unde r "Random Encounte rs ''). For
example, if roll a res ult of 4. you would tell t he players:
''You've bcc: n makinr:( your way through the t unnels
and passages for four days ..... before describing the
circumstam·c<, of the encounte r t o them.
With th1s approach. e ncourage players to describe
\\hat their characters do o r even sec and experienc<'
during the Intervening time. In addition to dowmime
3CtivitiC'> '>UCh a Crafting. charac tcn, ha\e plenty of
opportunities for interac tion. If the players are handling
the role of some or all of their non player character
companions (sec "A \totley Crew" in c hapter 1). ask
them to elaborate on 1he activitic~ of those characters
as well, fillrng rn dctaib <1!:> you see fit. Players can
abo ... uggest and pin out Storie~ about things rheir
charat"ter'> have <'Xpt•rienced during the intervening
timt~. including arduou~ climbs. !:>winging across
gorgt'l>. or dodgrng p1crcers. and you can do £he same.
Thl'> additional '>torytelling aspN' I adds color and
bat·kground to lht• journey while keeping rhe pace
relatively brisk.
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