Out of the Abyss

(Jeff_L) #1


Encounte r
1 deep anome
1 drow
1 duerrar
4 1 stone giant

There i::. a chance that the mad creature has something
of intere~t or value in its po~:.e~<,ion. Roll a d20 and
consult the table below ro see what, if an} thing, it has.
The creature docsn·t pan with the item willingly.

d20 Possession
1-10 None
11 13 A 10 gp gem
14 -1 5 A gold ring worth 25 gp
16 17 An obsidian statuette of Lolth worth 100 g p
18-19 A random magic item (roll once on Magic Item
Table A in chapter 7 of the Dungeon Masur's Guide)
20 A random magic 1tem (roll once on Mag1c Item
Table B 1n chapter 7 of the Dut~geon Maner's Guide)

As the characters move through a series of caves, they
attr act the attention of a ochre jelly. The ooLe follows
the characters. attacking when they top to take their
next rest. Characters in the back rank of the marching
order who have a passive Wisdom (Perception) score of
14 or higher pot the ooze following t hem.

This jlroup of raiders from the surface ventured into
the Underdark looking for riches and got lost. Roll a d6
and consult the table to determine •Nhat appears. The
raiders Me initially hostile toward the party, though
clever characters might try bribing them for safe
passage or information.

d6 Encounter
1-2 1d6 human bandits and 1 human bandit captain
3-4 2d4 goblins and 1 goblin boss
5-6 1d6 orcs and 1 ore Eye ofGruumsh

There is a chance that the leader of the group has
~omething of interest or value. Roll a d20 and consult
·he table below to see what, if an} thing. the leader of the
raider~ ha~ in its possession.

d20 Possession
1 S None
6 10 2d6 10 gp gemstones 1n a pouch
11-1<4 2d6 SO gp gemstones in a pouch
15 17 1d4 torchstalks (see MFung1 of the UnderdarkB)
18-19 1d4 waterorbs (see "Fung1 of the Underdark")
20 A random mag1c item (roll on Mag1c Item Table B in
chapter 7 of the Dungeon Master's Guide)

Each of these groups 1s in the Underdark on a secret
mi<.sion. Roll a d6 and consult the table to determine
''hat appears.

d6 Encounter
1-2 1 drow
3-4 1d<4 myconid adults
S-6 1d6 sh1eld dwarf scouts

The drow scout is searching for escaped slaves. II he
spots the party. he·ll anempt to avoid notice and rake
away information regarding the group's location (see
.. Drow Pursuit").
The myconid ~couts are indifferent toward the party
and unwilling to discuss their mbsion or thei r travels
wit h the adventurers.
Shield dwarf scouts are friendly if tlw party i ncludes
On(' or more surface dwcllc•r-;. Thc•y nn• willing to give
the party a day or two's worth of food and water rations.

The characters stumble upon a member of the Society
of Brilliance. a &<'Ct of highly int<'lhgent monsters that
have banded together to ~olve all of the Underdark·s
problems. The ociety i& inve~tigaung areas suffused
with faerzr~S!:> to ascertain wh<>ther it has something to
do with what the society ft•ars;., some kind of .. demonic
incur~ion." Roll a d10 to clcwrmine which society
ml"mber the characters encounter.

d10 Encounter
1 2 Y the derro savant (see appendiJC C)
3- 4 Blurg the o rog
S-6 Crazila)(x the mind flayer
7- 8 Skriss the troglodyte
9-10 Sloopldoop the kuo-toa archpriest

Every member of the Society of Brilliance has an
alignment of neutral. an Intelligence of 18 (+4), and
fluency in multiple languages includinl{ Dwarvish.
Elvi<:h, and Uodcrcommon (although Crazilaxx
prefers to communicate using telepathy). Its statistics
are unchanged otherwise. \!!embers arc erudite and
talkative. preferring diplomacy and debate over violence
(though they defend themselves if anacked).
Each society member can cast the tC'Icport spell once
per day. but the intended destination muM be within 30
feet of another society member. Thb tt:levon effect can
be di~rupted (~ee MFaerzres~-earlier in the chapter).
wh1ch is how ~ociety membcrc; '>Ometimes end up in far
corner~ of the Underdark. separatt:d from their fellows.
Member& of the Societ) of Brilliance are aware that
paths to the surface world exist but ha,·en·t explored
an_y of them (their concerns are with the Uoderdark.
after all). lf the characters seem intent on reaching rhe
surface. a societ} member might sul:{gestthey look for
a guide in one of the Underdark's lar~cr settlements,
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