Out of the Abyss

(Jeff_L) #1


A male derro, Ouppido is surprisingly gregarious and
talkative, demonstrating n keen mind and a disarming
manner. This pleasam facade conceals the soul of an
in~nc killer. Buppido sccrclly lwlit-veo; he is the living
incarnation of the derro ~od D1inkara.tan-an avatar
of murder offering bloody -.acrifice!> to create a path
of carnage through the Undcrdark for his people to
follow to glory. He rationalizt''-any setbacks (including
his capture and impnsonment) :lS part of his ''di1.ine
plan." H1s killings arc cart•fully ritualized. following
an <·xacting process of cutting open the victims and
arranging their org<~ns.
Although mad. Buppido b cunning nnd capable of
hid1ng his true naturt> to serve hi!> own end!>. Because
he bE>Iie\es he i!> a god, he is convinc<·d that he can't
he ktlled (or at least that the death of hi:. mortal form
mean!> nothing to htm). !>O he is completely fearless.
l i e .t-.sumcs cverythmg ic;; part of his divine plan. and
emhusia!>tically participates in any plot to escape from
the drow so he can cominuc his holy work. Buppido is
happy to consider his fellow prisoners allies until such
time as ht• no longer needs them, or becomes convinced
that the omrns point toward th~· 11\'t:d for one or more of
them to be :.acrificed to hi:. ~realt'r glory.

Thi!> hulking quaggoth is the mo 1 menacing-looking
prboncr in the slave pens. and the other prisoners
fli\'E' hjm a wide ben h. If any of the characters speak to
him, howcvt·r, the quaggoth rcplie-. 111 urbane Elvish.
lie explnms that he is not, in fart. a quaggoth. but a
~old elf pnnce polymorphcd into quaggoth form by a
cur~c. Ht' daims to be Prince Dert>ndil of the kinadom
of elrindenvane in the High Fore'>t. His crown \:as
usurpt"cl by the evil wi1ard Tc·rre!>tor. who trapped him
tn thi:. form and exiled him from hi'> people.
;\It hough Derendil beha"t''-hke the highborn prince
he bc•lwves himself to bt·, he responds to stress and
parucularl} threats like a quaggoth: violently tearing
foe" hrnb from limb and rt'nding their flesh with sharp
claw., and teeth. He romt-s back to him:.elf only after
buttlc>, or when someone reinforces hi:. "true identity''
to '>nap him out of it. Derendillamcnts that he is

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slowly but surely losing himst>lf to the savagery of his
quuggot h form.
In fact. Dcrcndil is !'>imply mad. touched by the
delusions of the dl'lliOII lord Fraz-Urb'luu. The kingdom
of Nelrindcnvane dot'sn't exist. and all of -oerendil's"
rrcollecuons and pt'r:.onabty arc an illusion creared by
the Demon Prince of Deception. The quaggoth refuse:.
to behe\e the truth. and an.) mcontrovertible evidence a"
to hi<> real nature !>end:. him tnto a murderous rage.

A female shield dwarf scout from Gauntlgrym. Eldcth
is high spirited ami proud of both her heritage and her
people's achicvt·ment in reclaiming th<' anciem dwarvcn
kingdom; she :.uggesu, Gauntlgrym a:. a destination
to escape from tlw Underdark. Elderh is stubborn and
hates the drow and all other "corrupt dark dwellers-
"urh as the dcrro and duergar.
Eldeth wamc; to gt>t back home. but !>he is also deli am
and self sacrific1ng and therefore among the most
likely prisont~rs to perish bcfor<' getting the opporruniry.
If that happc·n~. Eldeth a:.kl> a character she trusts to
promise to carry word of her fait• hack to her family in
Cauntlgrym, along with her shit• lei and warhammer
if they an• r~covered. Thb might win the characters
the approval of Eldeth's kin when they later visit

A male deep gnome spy.Jimjar i~ a feckless rogue
with a devtl-may care auitude. a fondness for coin,
and an ob!>t'S'-ion with betting em virtually anything
and evcrythmg. Once he knows the charactcrs,jimjar
rcgularlj offt>rs them bet:. on thing5 from their own
effort" ("I bet you ten gold you can't get past thar sentr)
without bf'ing seen") to the outcomes of random events
(MI bet .)OU t\\enty ~old thb tunnel is the right way"). He
:.omc·wnE>s uses bening to goad others into doing thing<>.
but dtnracters can easily turn the tables knowing that
jlmJar lind~ it difficult to rcfu-.e a wa~er. His behavior
b unu..,ual for the dour dt•ep gnomes. and others of his
kind (including Top:.y and Turvy) findjimjar annoying at
bt:'>t. and unstable and potemially mad at worsL.
Jimjar is alway~ true to his word. and he manages to
keep exact track of hi!'> cit-hits and credits in his head,
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