Out of the Abyss

(Jeff_L) #1

paying up on his bets (or dcmnnding payment) as soon
as possible. lie's not above pocketing a little extra coin
when no one is watching. and he has an amazing ability
to secret significant wealth on his person.
jimjar feels as though there·~ something odd about
the twins Topsy and Turvy, but he keeps his opinion to
himself unless asked. He doe<; his best to get along with
everyone. although some find his gregariousness and
constant wagers grating.

A malt-ore from the lceshield tribe. Root fled from the
slaughter of a band of orcs at the hands of the dwarves.
falling dO\ n a shaft and" andcring in the Underdark
before being captured by the drow. He' ashamed of his
cowardly act and knows that Gruumsh. the god of the
ore~. i~ punishing him. But he also doesn't wam to die,
or at least not in drow cap11v1t)'. Root is mean. stupid.
and hateful. but he :tbo knuckles under to amhority and
threats. l.ie especially hate:. Eldeth. as his tribe is at war
with her people.
Root engages in thr~atening behavior and bullying
toward the other pri'iOIWrs unless someone stands
up to him.

A male drow. Sarith is sullen and keeps to himself.
rebuffing attempt, to talk to him. He is disgraced by his
imprisonment but i'> re'>igned to his fate. since there
doesn't appear to be iHl) thing he can do about it. Sarith
is accused of murdering one of his fellow drow warriors
in a fit of madnC'>'>, but he has no memory of it. He varies
between bclic\'ing the whole thing is a setup to discredit
and destroy h1m. and fearing that it is aU true-which.
in fact. 1t is. He I'> being held until he can be sent back to
~1enzobcrranzan a!> a sacrifice to Lolth and an example
to others
Unknown <!H'n to the other drow. Sarith is infected
with tainted spores from myconids corrupted by
Zuggtmoy. the Demon Queen of Fungi. The initial
infcst.ation of the spores cnu~ed Sarith's bout of
madne~!>. and his health and sanity continue to
deteriorate as the spores grow within his brain.

A kuo -toa. Shuushar i!> likely to be one of the more
unusual creatures any of the adwmurers have met.
The aquatic hermit is a calm and peaceful presence-
He is aware of his people's well-deserved reputation
for madness. and claim~ to have spt:nt a lifetime in
contemplation and '>Ohtar} mt>ditation to overcome that
legacy. He appears to have been successful. exuding an
aura of enlightened balance. Shuushar is even calm and
accepting ofh1~ t•urrcm imprisonment. merely saying
that it is what 1t 1'>, and \\hO can say what end it might
eventually lead toward?
Although Shuu.,har I!> b) far the most sane. stable. and
honest of thl" ad\t'nturers' fello\\ prisoners. he is also
the most u~elt'!>!> to their 1m mediate goals. The kuo-wa
herm1t i!> a complete pacifist. lie doesn't fight or cause
harm to an) other creature. even refusing to defend
himself or others. lie gladly accompanies the party if
permi11ed to do so, however. helping rhem in any way be
can other than violating his most l>atred vow.
Shuushar is familiar with Sloobludop, the kuo-toa
town near the Darklake. and has navigated the twisting
routes of the Dark lake for many years. He hopes
to share his enlightenment with hb fellow kuo-toa.
although he isn't aware of reccnt events in Sloobludop
(see chapter 3 for details).

Stool is a myconid sprout captured by Sarith Kzekarit.
Stool is lonel} and frightened. wanting only to return
to its home in Neverlight CrO'-C· If befriended by the
characters. Stool atadl} offers to guide them lO its home.
promising them anctuary wnh nc; folk. although it isn't
aware of the dangers posed b} Zuggtmoy's influence on
the myconid (~ee chapter 5).
Stool uses rapport pore'> to establish telepathic
communication with other creatures. and it does so
to communicate with characters who are kind and
friend!} toward it. The myconid will also help esrabiC.h
communication with Underdark denizens with \\hom
t:he character!> don't share a language. Once it becomes
attached to one or more of the adventurers, Stool
behaves somewhat like an cmhusiaMic and curious
younger sibling. stickinf:t close to the characters and
asking all kinds of questions.

I ti•\P"I f R I I PRisO:-:f.RS O t TH£ DROW
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