Once Upon A Time In Carrotland My YouTube Autobiography Which I Definitely Wrote All Of

(Ariana95) #1

the plate. I noticed, but the others just thought I was attempting to
save on dipping time and congratulated me. It was all I could do to
resist pointing out the occasional sauce drenched chip which was fully
coated in ketchup, an absolute abomination to me. One time I came
home and Ollie had wrapped everything in the house in tin foil. He
thought it would be a hilarious prank, but I had to confess I loved it. It
went really well with the silver walls and digital clocks and so I
convinced the others to leave it that way. It did make it more time
consuming when you were looking for a specific item and you had to
unwrap and rewrap at least a hundred items each time, but it was so
worth it. Everytime I looked around I felt inspired.

I walk into my tin foiled room.

The pranks got more intense and things escalated so that you couldn’t
approach a door without somebody having swapped it for a movie-set
door and bursting through it. Ollie had bought a load of trick props, like
glasses made of sugar. For months, every time I poured a drink my
glass instantly dissolved. However, things did get confusing for me,
especially as I could never think of any pranks myself and I had to take
credit for all of Rex’s pranks. Also, the only thing I was blamed for
which I actually did wasn’t even a prank. I had caught the scent of

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