The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

is to work with the Hidden. Many people treat the Magic Art in a very offensive way - in a purely
human way they oppose this idea and as traders seek the benefit. They are looking for something
that can help them in the World. A person who seeks only the benefits of Magic Art can never
become an Adept. You should be able to look at it in its own light. The benefits to you are nothing
but side effects when you serve the Flame. That is why the search for personal benefits, such as
the magic for love, magic for money, and the like, so popular in folklore, is a supreme form of
ignorance. Even when one has the purest thoughts of using the Art of Magic only to help people,
to heal them, although noble at first sight, it again borders on ignorance, as it moves away from
the essence of the Magic Art. Helping people through Magic cannot be your goal. In some cases
it should be helped, in others, it would be unnecessary. The problem is that people are trying to
understand Magic from a human point of view - there must be logic, there must be a benefit, there
must be meaning, there must be a purpose. They see Magic Art as a coin they can use for shopping.
The Art of Magic is a whole Universe, with its own rules, which originated long before man and
are therefore incomprehensible to him. The true Adept does not practice Magic but lives it. It is
the key to this Ancient Universe, which is the Hidden. The inexplicable. The Hidden can be
implied, but it should not be explained too much. The Adept lives in Magic, lives in the Hidden.
For him, it is a way of life. It can be said that the Adept's attitude towards the Magic Art is like
that of a small child towards a playground - there is no search for a benefit, no confusion of mind.
There is just a "game", immersion in a completely different world, which is as alive and real as
any other. The child is completely immersed in the "game" - sincerely and unconditionally. No
hidden thoughts, no reasoning, no fears of not being good enough. The child just plays to live and
lives to play. In the same way, a diver dives for his love and pleasure of being underwater, and not
necessarily to seek some values from which to get rich. This applies to many other activities and
shows the right attitude. The Art of Magic, through the Flame, gives you access to the Shadow
Worlds - an infinite "library" of different dimensions, universes, states of consciousness, and
others. Unlimited access to Original Knowledge in its pure form. Access to dimensions that are in
many ways much more real than the world in which man lives. And after all this, for some people,
this is not enough and they want to get something - a new job, another lover, money or something
else related to the material world. Isn't it more natural to find the right Shadow World where you
have what you really need? Immersion in the Shadow Worlds can be done both in the waking state
and during sleep. Immersion occurs through the concentration of Intention (something the Taoists
would call merging with the Tao, and the Toltecs the second attention or heightened state of
consciousness). The Adept can be in several different dimensions simultaneously. For most people,
dreams are just some mind fabrications and fantasies. This is because they occupy a relatively
small part of a person's daily life. If man is awake for 16 hours and sleeps for 8 hours, out of those
8 hours he actually dreams for a few seconds (which may seem like an eternity). And what would
happen if a person has the opportunity to do the opposite? To be in the everyday world for a few
minutes a day and live in dream worlds the rest of the time? Then what would one consider real
and what illusion? People think that their dreams do not matter, for the simple reason that in most
cases they do not remember them. But the mind reacts to feelings such as fear, anger, love, and
others similarly both in the awake state and during sleep. The Adept can attain these states of
Awareness in his sleep or fully awake state while reading a book, walking, or talking to someone.
You are the one who builds your Reality through the Flame (concentrated Attention).
Therefore, the best advice for a beginner in the Art of Magic is to study it as a child learns a game.
Completely unbiased. To perform magic exercises and models, not to look for any benefit or to do
them out of obligation, but simply to truly enjoy every second of that "game". This begins the

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