The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

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transformation of the Awareness and maturation of the Occult Disciple into an Adept. All this does
not mean that would be wrong if the Adept has to perform a certain Magic Act for a specific
purpose. Not at all. In the Mission of the Adept, many times he may have to make adjustments to
Reality using the Magic Art, but these are actions that stem from Necessity as Ancient Measure
and Principle. The idea is that these are single actions that are done when necessary, but this is not
the attitude, behavior, or way of studying the Art of Magic or its daily application. The Necessity
is that everything you do should not be in vain or just a random action, but be part of something
else in the Strategic Plan.
The analogy we made with the child and the game can serve us in another important direction. We
must approach as a "child" in order to be able to study and understand the principles of the Art of
Magic. How does the child approach? Everything is new to him. He has no previous knowledge.
He doesn't think. There are no prejudices. There are no false intentions. Approaches each new
aspect of the game completely intuitively. There is no condemnation. There is no bipolarity -
good/bad. He just enjoys the game and all he wants is to play over and over every day. When an
adult begins to study the Art of Magic, he compares it to his experience. This is not really his
experience, but a series of beliefs that he has trusted to believe without experiencing. Beliefs that
were instilled in him by the society, which told him what is what, how to behave, what to believe,

Many of you will read this Book and accept some things, reject others, and fiercely criticize. This
would mean that those people have opened just a bunch of paper and read the material book,
without reaching the Book. It happens so because they compare it to their own already established
vi ew of life, and their reading is prejudiced, instead of surveying the Book in its own light. There’s
no need to accept or reject it, my friend. Just leave it alone to speak for itself. There is a copy of
this Book in every one of you. The thing you’re hold ing now is just for recollection.
Book for the Book: 1

Thus the adult begins to compare everything he thinks he knows by looking at other people's
knowledge - philosophers, authorities, pseudo-sages who speak beautifully, but in reality, almost
none of their followers have achieved Flawlessness. Here it is very important to say that no
spiritual Teacher can be and should be evaluated. People should neither boast nor criticize. You
evaluate a Master according to the level of his Disciples. They are the ones who are evaluated. No
matter how wisely a Wiseman speaks and gives knowledge directly from the Source if he is not
able to pass it on to his Disciples and teach them how to pass it on to the next wave of Disciples,
this is the beginning of the end, after which the discipleship gradually disappears in order to be
replaced by followers. And as marvelous as everything is, it's like dreaming a wonderful dream,
but once you wake up you will never be able to remember it again.
Therefore, when an adult wants to study the Art of Magic, he must leave everything unnecessary
(Second Principle), all taught statements and prejudices, and begin to think like a child. To act like
a child. Only from this position can one achieve full understanding and Awareness. Without this
condition, all practices, rituals and spells hang in the air and become irrelevant.

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