The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1



The Art of Magic of the Black Adepts is based on the Legacy of the Black Brotherhood. The
Legacy left by Razaor - EYE, HAND, VOICE.
β€œThe Temple is present when you build a Hill in the Darkness. The Temple is present when the
Flame fills you, and there are no more shadows. The Temple is present when you spin the Three
Rings. The Temple is present when you master the Whisper. The Pyramid-Temple is mastery of the
Teachings. The Ancient Pyramid has nine sides. This Temple is build of Five Elements, on Seven
Principles, Nine Sounds, Sixteen Keepers, Twenty-seven Keys, Seventy-two Ways, Three hundred
and sixty Formulas, and Five hundred and four Houses. They hold the secret to the Teachings.
Only when you master them completely, the Supreme Darkness will welcome you, and you shall
Book fo the Legacy - Temple: 8

It is this Pyramid, specifically the Legacy (EYE, HAND, VOICE) that is the segment that
distinguishes the Teachings of the Black Brotherhood from all other spiritual teachings, magical
systems, and strategic schools. The Principles are EYE. The Strategies are HAND. VOICE is the
Art of Magic. Again, these three components form a System. A Pyramid. Let's give examples.
There are many pseudo-magicians who are self-taught and follow magical systems that do not
understand. Although they have developed some level of magical skills, if they don`t apply those
skills strategically, failure follows. Sometimes certain people, should not be helped but should be
allowed to pay off their karma. Then even a Magic Act applied with Flawlessness will not have
correct results. There comes another moment - a Magic Act, which is properly justified
strategically but does not rest on a principled basis. What is meant? These are so-called
"magicians" who use magic only for personal purposes. They do not serve a higher ideal. There
are no Principles. There will be a dramatic failure again. This is about VOICE and the Art of
As for the HAND and the Strategists. These are often people of the mind, psychological
manipulators (saying it in the most neutral sense of the word). Usually, this type of people again
act only in self-interest. Among them, we can find many successful people in the business. They
do not recognize spiritual principles. Their actions rest only on the mind, not on Occult Rules. A
Strategy without Principles is a dead Strategy. It is said in such situations: "He sees the tree, but
does not see the forest."
The most dangerous category is EYE - these are all kinds of spiritual teachings, religions, and so
on. It is full of Principles, Rules, somewhere even with dogmatics. What is missing is a Strategy
on how to apply these Principles. There is no Magic that actualizes the Hidden Things. The people
in this category are usually the so-called sages, mystics of various teachings and schools. They
refer to various sages of antiquity, their words sound very beautiful and mystical. A real balm for
the Soul. Many Souls awaken to hearing such words. The stated Principles describe to man an
ideal, a mountain peak in the distance, but do not provide him with any methodology on how to
get there. There is no Strategy, there is no system of Principles. Knowledge is exported in doses
and fragmented. Everything flows freely like water. In such teachings, Magic Art is ignored and

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