The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

be One again. Our time. The Art of Magic has never been more important than it is today. It is
now a matter of survival, not prestige. A question of the Necessity to be applied with Flawlessless

  • unconditionally, ruthlessly, definitively ...
    Listen! Magicians of various systems, schools, and traditions; Magicians from different times;
    Magicians from near and far - we all share one Life, one Path, one Secret. The Secret of the Art of
    Magic. This Mystery unites us in One. That is why I call all those who are truly devoted to Magic

  • Brothers and Sisters. Does not the sun shine equally for all of us? Does not the rain fall the same
    way for all of us? Don't we share the same Path? Aren't we together on the threshold of a New
    Epoch? The New Time will not allow anything unnecessary - some will move forward and others
    will go away forever. The Flame will awake some and completely erase others.
    Listen! Let the asleep be awaken from sleep. Let the awakened ones crawl into the darkness,
    feeling and studying the World around them. Let those who crawl stand up and begin to see through
    Clarity and Awareness. Let all who have risen and realized their calling - hear my call and walk
    ahead Flawlessly.
    Listen! All of you who have kept a particle of the Magic in yourself - get out of the Shadows! I
    summon you! I give you my hand! Take this step! Arise before me now and let us all be One again
    in the dawn of the New Epoch. One Ancient Tradition. One School. One System. One
    Moriel Yamanu


This book is a natural continuation and culmination of "The Art of Flawlessness" (Volume 1) and
"The Art of Strategy" (Volume 2). "The Art of Magic" is designed as a textbook for Apprentices in
the Art of Magic of the Black Adepts and aims to explain some basic lessons so that the
Apprentice can take his first step. The first step in the Black Brotherhood System. In this book,
the reader will not find details about the Magic System of the Black Adepts, such as specific
methods, rituals, and more. They are described in another book. The "Art of Magic" has a different
role - not so much the training of the Adepts but instead to give an overview of the main
components that this Ancient System consists of. The study of Strategy is hasty if the Principles
have given in "The Art of Flawlessness" have not been mastered to some extent beforehand. The
study of the Art of Magic is hasty if the Seven Principles and Strategies have not been mastered
beforehand. Magic is like the flame of a candle - it must be placed on a stable base, otherwise,
the candle may fall and set fire to your home. The learner can also work alone on the Principles.
For the Strategies, he will need a mentor who is a Strategist. Strategies in some cases can be
studied in a difficult way on their own - trial and error. But this approach to Magic Art can be fatal.
The Art of Magic is studied personally by a Magician who is at least an Adept. It is an experienced
Knowledge and real experience is transmitted directly from Master to Disciple in mystery.
Everyone has the unconditional right to touch the "Art of Flawlessness" and the Seven Principles.
For the Apprenticeship in the Art of Magic, you must be chosen. Magic Art is not a right, but a
privilege. It is not necessary for people to master or understand it. It is necessary only for those
who have been chosen and have chosen unconditionally and definitively to serve the Flame, the

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