The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

Black Brotherhood, and the whole human race. This book will reveal the essence of the Art of the
Magic and will prepare the Apprentice for his of her first lesson. This knowledge will remain hidden
from all others.


Considered as a guide to the Apprentice of the Art of Magic and accompanying him in all his
further studies, this book has several parts: The Art of Magic of the Ancients; Dimensions in The
Art of Magic; The Seven Principles in The Art of Magic; Magic Forces, and Regulations; The
Magic Act; On the Crossroad; The World of the Apprentice; The Path of the Chosen; Epilogue.
To begin his training, the Аpprentice must acquire a sense of what the Art of Magic is and, above
all, what it is not. In this quest, we must accept that the Apprentice knows absolutely nothing, and
what he thinks he knows should be ignored. It should be a fresh start. To start from the very first
step. Given that most people know something about the world of "magic" from fiction, movies,
and folklore beliefs, in the first part of this book - "The Art of Magic of the Ancients", we outline
the differences between the Magic Art of the Black Adepts, coming from Ancient Times and other
modern magick systems, beliefs, myths, and ignorance.
Once the main contours of the picture are drawn, we should lay the foundations of the composition

  • this happens in the second part: "Dimensions in The Art of Magic". These Dimensions are the
    cornerstone of the Art of Magic and the foundations of the Teachings of the Black Brotherhood.
    In other words, these Dimensions are contained in everything then described, explicitly, or
    The third part of this book, The Seven Principles in the Art of Magic, links to The Art of
    Flawlessness and advises the Apprentice on how to apply the Seven Principles in the context of
    Magic. Only then completion is gained in the Awareness of the Seven Principles - as esoteric
    principles, strategic rules, and magical methods. Eye-Hand-Voice.
    The fourth part of this book talks about the Magic Powers and Regulators, in other words, the main
    and side factors that influence the Magic Act directly or indirectly.
    The fifth part of the book talks about the Magic Act and its "technology" and structure.
    The sixth part talks about the last and final Choice. This section advises on how the candidate
    should prepare to set foot on the Path and become an Apprentice.
    The seventh part describes some important elements of the life of the Apprentice.
    The eighth part talks about the Mission of the Magicians and the New Age.
    The ninth part is the First Lesson for the Apprentice.
    When the Traveler is ready, the Path appears and takes him on an adventure from which there is
    no return. The Traveler is the Apprentice who had chosen the Path of the Art of Magic. If deep
    inside you have felt your Path, your calling, there is no going back. Then you only have a step
    forward ...

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