The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

be used at different distances by piercing the target in front of you, so by throwing a target at a
distance, so the Will requires different purposes. The Magician sets distant goals, he also sets close
ones - everyday goals with which he trains consistency. When a person loses focus or loses the
clarity of his goal, then immediately come temptations and even more dangerous: inaction and
laziness. Then the Will weakens and this can lead to severe consequences. If laziness is harmful
to humans, it can be deadly to the Magician.


The development of Imagination is a necessity for every Magician and should be practiced
consistently. There are many useful exercises and methods for this purpose. But what the
Apprentice should beware of to not fall asleep and lose focus. This automatically makes him weak
and attracts the attention of forces to take advantage of this weakness and attack. Thus, the flooded
river erases the unprotected banks. Man dreams of what he could be, what he could have done in
the past, what he would like to happen to him in the future - but he never has the Intention to realize
any of what he dreams of. Man's Imagination is a machine that works at high speeds but does not
really help him move forward. It wastes fuel, but it's not going anywhere. The Magician decides
where to head, takes a decision, and acts. He never stops until he implements his choice.

Imagination has nothing to do with fantasizing. Fantasizing is a dream - something that you do not
assume can happen and you do not have the Intention to happen. Imagination structures and shapes
Intention - this is creative power, creativity. Therefore, the Imagination comes after the Will to
give the strokes and nuances of the picture, the contours of which are outlined by the Intention
(through an act of Will). Imagination should be exercised constantly, as it gives the Magician the
opportunity to module Magic Acts and creativity to be more precise in composing Formulas,
Spells, and more.


Man concentrates on himself. He puts himself in a cult. It is very important to him what he thinks
about himself, what others think about him, whether they like him or not. It is very important to
him how he feels, what emotions he feels. He dreams of what he does not understand and does not
need and bases his ambitions on these desires and not on what he actually needs. His ambitions
are to have more than the other people. Precisely because man is concentrated on himself, he loses
his life. Life slips away like sand between fingers.

The Magician concentrates on the Flame. And then a whole Universe of endless options is revealed
to him. The Flame is the Key, the Sign, which unlocks the Magician`s consciousness and enables
him to work with the Power. Without the Flame, without connecting with the Primordial Source,
there is no real Magic Act, only maneuvers of the mind, a game of "magic", fairy tales, and

The Apprentice learns to develop Concentration by various methods, one of which is to
contemplate the candle flame and make contact with the Proto Source. Once you achieve a certain
amount of success in this endeavor, the Apprentice goes through the modulations of the Flame -
particularly the Twenty-seven Keys of Reality. How is it understood whether the Apprentice has

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