The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

mastered the handling of the Sign (Flame)? Summoning the Flame during exercise and when you
feel comfortable is not enough for full understanding. When a storm sweeps away your house,
illness takes away a loved one, in the moment of the most severe ordeal - then you must be able to
achieve full Concentration, summon the Flame and work with it.


One of the most harmful things: news; pornography; alcohol or drug addiction; excessive chatter
and curiosity about unnecessary things; giving in to temptation.

The news gives a misconception about knowledge. They tell you what's going on here and there
and you accept it as presumed to be right without experiencing it. This is a description of the world
that was invented by people and exists only because they believe in it. This only feeds the mind
and makes the Awareness fade more and more.

Porn and computer games, in turn, rob you of your Imagination. You no longer imagine anything
in your mind - you just take what is given to you. The Imagination fades. Imagination is no longer
practiced. This reduces the creative potential of the Magician.

Alcohol, drugs, or other addictions limit the Will. Also the fashion of wandering aimlessly in the
shops in order to buy unnecessary purchases that satisfy a person's sense of self-importance. You
buy - that means you can. You are capable of something. You prove yourself and the act of buying
gives meaning to the lives of those who, in principle, have no real purpose in life and just waste
their time wandering around life. You no longer have control over yourself and you lose sight of
the real goal.

Unnecessary information, and especially human curiosity about unnecessary information, has a
destructive effect on Memory. The Magician is dedicated to finding his memory. When he focuses
on unnecessary things, it blocks his Will to search for his Memory.

Until we stop the flow of thought and constant conversation with ourselves, we will not be able to
gain Concentration.

As long as we surrender to temptation, we will never gain real magical Power.


The Seven Doors are: Misunderstanding, pain, fear, anger, compassion, passion, and prejudice.
Each of the Seven Doors has a hidden pair - what is on the other side of the Door...
Misunderstanding that leads to exploration. Pain that leads to Lightness. Fear that leads to Clarity.
Anger that leads to Power. Compassion that leads to a new Approach. Passion that leads to
Unconditionality. Prejudice that leads to real Knowledge. When the Apprentice understands
correctly what is on one side of the Door, he can reach the transformation, on the other side. The
Magician understands that the first entrance to any door is a human emotion. Emotions can never
be part of the Magician. His Flawlessness does not allow him to stop in front of any of these Doors.
Who has a Mission does not stop for a long time at the Seven Doors. They are a method for
exercising magical control over the Object of Intention. If people spend their lives in front of each
of these Doors, the Magician does not stop there. On the other hand, the Magician can direct the

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