The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1



Magic Art cannot be understood by science, psychology, or religion. Magic has its own "mind"
and perceptions. Its own rules. The only way to understand it is to practice it. You need to
understand it from its own position, not someone else's. In this sense, most books on "magic"
simply describe different points of view, even some practices, but there are no Principles on which
these practices are based. It's like words taken out of context. As a person who passionately tells
the end of a story, but no one understands the meaning because he does not know its beginning.

Studying the Art of Magic requires a teacher, a leader. Someone who has the actual experience
that can pass to the Apprentice. A "magic book" can only be truly useful in the hands of someone
with real experience. Magic is based on experienced knowledge, not on various theories, beliefs,
and opinions.
Magic is the only real art, the only real science. The more abstract it seems to some, the more
accurate it is to others. Magic is the basis of all sciences and arts. It makes things happen while
science and religion just try to explain what happened. That is why it is said:
“Many people want to study the Teachings and the Art of Magic and for that purpose, they read a
lot of books. But this way they move away from the essence of the Teachings, because the books
are external Spring, while men should seek into themselves. The essence of the Teachings is
embodied in the Teacher. If there is a Teaching there is a Teacher too. The book is an external
source, while to understand the Teachings you must turn inwardly to your essence, in order to take
out your hidden potentials. The books won’t take them out. The Teacher will. The book is a good
means against forgetfulness, but it can’t replace the Teacher.
In the teaching Teacher is the Father,
Disciple – the Son. A book without a Teacher creates only spiritual orphans.”
The Book of the Yellow Spider - Teacher: 8


There is no definition of Magic. There can be no definition of Magic and no attempt should be
made in this direction. Magic works in an elevated state of consciousness that is inaccessible to
the mind. Only when the mind is turned off a Magic Act can be performed. In this way, what is
happening is Realized by the Magician as a methodology and a specific feeling, but it cannot (and
does not need to) be understood by the mind, nor put into words. The mind works with terms,
definitions, and thus compares some opinions with others, makes reasonings, asks questions, and
a lot of nonsense. That way, all possible explanations and definitions of Magic are at the very best
something uncertain and extremely inaccurate, and instead of showing the right path, these
definitions can only confuse the person more. It is like explaining to a Bedouin (who has never
come out of the desert) the properties of the sea. The very initiative to define Magic is a supreme
form of ignorance. This ignorance can be deadly. By defining Magic, the notion is applied that
Magic can be explained in words and everyone can read and learn on their own and become a great
magician. After the Church has lost much of its repressive influence over the past two centuries,

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