Cardiovascular Fitness Procedures Manual

(coco) #1

2.1.1 Maintenance of the Treadmill

Routine maintenance for the Quinton MedTrack Treadmill involves:

„ Confirming that the cable from the treadmill is securely connected to the back of the
programmable treadmill controller.

„ Daily visual inspection of walking belt for wear and to confirm that the belt is
centered on rollers. Always check for potential hazards on treadmill.

„ Cleaning surfaces after each test with disinfectant and towel. Make sure the deck does
not get wet.

„ A weekly check of speed and grade to ensure accuracy of treadmill calibration (see
section on calibration).

„ Weekly inspections of treadmill belt tracking and tension (see instructions below). Belt Tension - Weekly Check

The belt tension should be adjusted whenever the belt slips or moves unsteadily during

operation. Notify the chief technologist if the belt tension needs adjustment. Belt tension is adjusted as


All technologists:

„ Use the controls on the controller to start the treadmill at minimum speed and grade,
then increase speed to 2.5 mph.

„ Hold onto handrail for balance and walk heavily on the treadmill by marching flat­
footed. If the belt hesitates or lags noticeably, the chief technologist will tighten the
belt as described in the following steps.

Chief technologist:

„ Locate the two tension bolts at the rear of the treadmill.

„ Turn both tension bolts clockwise ¼ turn. Test the belt tension. Repeat if necessary
until the belt runs smoothly without slipping. If more than three adjustments are
necessary, a service call may be necessary.

„ Stop the treadmill.
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