Cardiovascular Fitness Procedures Manual

(coco) #1

2.1.2 Calibration of the Treadmill

Treadmill calibration should be checked weekly to ensure accuracy of testing results.

However, if the treadmill is not within calibration specifications, a service technologist should be

consulted. Speed – Weekly Check

NOTE: This calibration is to confirm the validity of the belt speed. Section 2.2.2 deals with
confirming that speed and grade settings on the treadmill controller are programmed

„ Determination of belt length is essential to calculate belt speed. Use two pieces of
masking tape to mark one spot on the belt and the second on the edge of the treadmill
next to the belt.

„ Measure the length of the belt in feet. (Belt length should be determined following any
adjustment to the belt.)

„ Make sure the belt is free of objects.

„ Use the controller to start the treadmill and increase the speed to 2.5 mph.

„ Set a timer for 3 minutes.

„ Start the timer and begin counting the number of times the two pieces of tape meet
(starting with zero).

„ Divide the number of revolutions by the time (3 minutes) to obtain revolutions per

„ Multiply the revolutions per min. by the belt length and divide the product by 88
ft/min to obtain belt speed.

„ [# revs/min.* belt length)/88 ft/min = belt speed (mph)]

„ If speed readout on controller exceeds + 0.2 mph of actual speed, repeat the previous

„ See Section 6.4.5 for data entry of these results in the equipment Quality Control

„ If treadmill still exceeds range, report this to the MEC manager. The MEC manager
will call a service representative.
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