(Joyce) #1


Your ideal travelling companion,
with any conventional Rotax 912,
or the new Turbo Diesel power,
running on Pump or Jet A diesel.
The standard FK9 is already wider
than the Cessna 172, now in the WB
version it easily accommodates larger
and taller pilots in 3 way adjustable
seating, including seat height adjust.
The evergreen FK9 design with its
unique integrated load bearing safety
frame, is now proven for 26 years
and in this 5th generation version,
the FK9 ELA, has been proven for 4
years. Trigear or taildragger available.
The existing FK9 ELA standard body,
can also be fitted with the latest
German built FlyEco turbo diesel
or turbo petrol version, in series
Cruise at <8 ltr/hr and fuel anywhere
you fly in our vast land!

The first


LSA with

diesel power

phone (02) 43 6930 43

German engineering and innovation

FK9 ELA FK12 Comet FK14 Polaris FK14 Le Mans FK51 Mustang

Extra room and range for

touring, with payload and
economy to keep you smiling.


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