(Joyce) #1

An even better future

LOCAL 1.c.a.b.TRAFFIC REGULATWY D1 and E not ATWY A2 NE of ACFT PTWY F4 not AARKING:TIONSVBL to ATWY G1 restrVBL to ACFT ABV Code DCFT ABV Code Cicted to MAX Code C (B737) A..
f.g.RESTRICTION:d.e.RESTRICTION:necessarTWY end and adjacent B777-300 type ATWY A6 to Special approis operationally unsuitaby. RWY 12/30 Not ATWY B2 and val - B767 & EA30 A ACFT ABV Code C to eCFTTWY F5., due insufficient le. RWY 12/30 maTWY B2 to VBL to ACFT maxecute 180DEG turCFT ABV Code C (TKTWY A6 not ATWY edge cleary then be vy use RVBL to A340-500, A340-600 andacated bWY 12/30 fancens at Ry TWY G & D2 ifor LDG if R.CFTWY 23 .WY 05/23THR, 05
k.j.i.T1 Apron - all code C Ah.personnel maAll aircrENG star1Apron.acknoRemotely controlled pushbacRESTRICTION:to T3, K & L only Unit will remain in place on (Landing).aft mwledgement of airwting involving the use of more than idle PWR RQ Aust proy be in the vicinity of the unit. A CFT ABV Code D to use .CFT are required to push bacvide their parays cleark tractors in use fked position/gate nTWY ance.T until after the Aor domestic operTWY A3 to A6, Bk in E direction onlyumber to ATC clearCFT has taxied., F2 to F6 eations from TC onOF) and Code Dance OPRxcept F4,T1.Terminal
2.a.GENERAL An.operm.l.Hardstand located on TWY H and F1 restrTerminal 1:TWY B1 not aAircrThe fatorsTWY B1 and L not aaft landing R, prolloVIAwing taxi restrTION APRivate and ovailabWY 05 first ATerminal 2 APN via icted to MAX Code C Available from Bavernight itinerONictions apply to Code C aircrVBL le from BaTWY is E2 unless otherwise advised bys 15 to 27,ant Ays 22 to 27.CFTTWY A2:CFT. No tiedo AVBL f.aft and belown points Aor local commercialw pushed bac.y ATCk from.
3.TRAINING FLIGHTSand missed approach manoeuvres in Adelaide CTR, and b.a.waivAWK AWK betwb.as earflights, maeen 0700 and 2300 local.Private and oed.Phone 08 8154 9444 or Fly as possibTRNG flights conducting approaches to a Ry be appro A single prTRNG invernight parle, prefactice instrvolving IAL procedures is only pererably at the flight planning stageved at anAX 08 8308 9324.ument approach bking my time dur Prefust be approerred Ring this perWYy ARR AWY and prefved bmitted dur, including touch and goiod.erred flight paths ma Requests should be madey the Airside SafCFTVFR A., other than Aing designated perWK , circlingety Manager -VBL.TRNGy beiods
(iv)(v)conduct approaches at anfolloBookings m(i)(iii)within the later(ii)BTN 0800 and 1800 local JOA maximMON-FRI 0830 - 0930 and 1700 - 1900 local:ws:MON-FRI 0700 - 0830, 0930 - 1100, 1600 - 1700 and 1900 -2100 local;limited to 1 ARemaining Aum of 3 approaches per sorust be made with the Adelaide VBL ACFT at anal limits of the Adelaide CTR beloWK y one timey one timeTRNG times:..tie will be accepted..mally no more than 2 A norTCU Superw A060, shall be scheduled as NOvisor on 08 8238 7992^T TO BE PLANNED;CFT maWK tr noraining trymallyaffic
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