4WD Touring Australia – June 2018

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Once you’re underway, it’s time to step into lockdown
mode. Hit any issue before it grounds you.
Adam recommends an oil and water level check each
morning while underway, as well as an eyeball check for sticks
and damage around the radiator, around the engine and
the vehicle’s undercarriage. Make a visual check around the
brake lines and fuel lines for any leakage and ensure your
wheels and tyres are in great shape.
Check your engine drive belt and scope out your air lter
for signs of dust ingress (...now you tell me). Check the nuts
and bolts on your lower control arms and tighten any bolts
you can get to. Take a look over your exhaust to ensure
nothing appears out of order.

Make sure your wheel bearings and nuts are in good
condition and nothing’s rattled loose while underway. You
can wiggle the wheel to feel for any movement as a frontline
basic check.
At every fuel stop check your oil levels and pop the
bonnet to eyeball the engine, you’ll be surprised how many
potential issues can be mitigated through basic checks. Make
sure your water level is where it should be, and always be
careful when topping up coolant, as it can be dangerous to
handle a hot radiator.
There’s nothing worse than being caught unawares, but
really there’s no excuses when most potential issues can be
solved before they present themselves. Keep up your pre
and mid trip checks to avoid being grounded where you
least want to be.
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