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Donna Cleveland,
Editor in Chief
Schitt’s Creek (Netfl ix,
If you’re looking for a good
chuckle and some positive
lessons amid the absurdity,
you’re bound to be a fan of
this quirky sitcom about what happens when a once-
wealthy family is forced to move to the humble town of
Schitt’s Creek.

Rheanne Taylor,
Video Producer
Print Studio App (Free)
I’m planning a photogra-
phy show, so I’ve been
printing a ton of photos.
If there is anything I’ve
learned through this
process, it’s that I love
working with Social Print Studio (my prints are
always so stunning!). I recently started using the
Print Studio app, which makes the whole process
much easier.

Hallei Halter,
Contibuting Writer
SToK Cold Brew
Coffee ($4–$5)
I buy a 48-ounce jug
of this cold brew
coffee once a week.
It’s enough for my
workday mornings
and helps me save time and money compared
to picking up breakfast from a café.
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