(Jacob Rumans) #1

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sides of the cake. As long as the paste
looks as though there are folds and
pleats, it will look good – it’s not essential
they are all even.

Steps 9a & b.
Mix Rainbow Dust Pearl White with
rejuvenator spirit to create a paint and
brush on the drapes on the bottom
tier and the fabric effect section on the
middle tier. Allow to dry and repeat with
a second coat.

Step 10.
Stack the top tier and cover the cake
board in the remaining Latte paste.

Step 11.
Colour Renshaw White Extra with
Burgundy ProGel and roll out a piece long
enough to go around the bottom tier. Use
the ribbon wheel cutter to cut a band
approximately 1cm wide. Attach to the
bottom tier and repeat for the top tier.

Steps 12a & b.
Colour Renshaw royal icing with
Burgundy ProGel and fill the piping
bag with the no.1 piping tip. Pipe pearl
beading around the base of the bottom
and top tiers.

Fabric Effect Leaves

Step 13.
Using Holly Green ProGel, colour
Renshaw Modelling Paste. Roll out quite
thinly and cut circles using different sized
round pastry cutters. The different sizes
create different sized leaves. Cut each
circle in half to create a semicircle. Gather
together at the straight edge and pinch
together to form a leaf. Allow to dry.

Rolled Roses

Steps 14a & b.
Using Burgundy ProGel to colour white
sugarpaste, make varying tones from
light dusky pink to burgundy. Roll a
sausage and thin out in your hands to
approximately 1-1.5cm wide. Thin out
more on one side, the thinner edge is
the top of the rose and the thicker edge
is the bottom. Tuck the edge of the strip
in tightly and roll onto itself to make a
rolled rose. Repeat with the cream and
remaining Latte pastes. Rolling smaller/
narrower strips of paste will give smaller,
delicate roses.

Statement Fabric Flowers

Step 15.
Choose two tones of the burgundy
sugarpaste. Roll out and cut a 6cm



14a 14b

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