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Real results

Here, we provide some key phrases and expressions you might
need to talk about planning a digital marketing campaign —
as well as discussing the results.

The SiTuaTion:
Throughout the campaigns, Tom in-
forms the couple of the type of digital
marketing tools he will be using for
the campaigns.

  1. Choose a platform
    Cath: So, what’s the plan?
    Tom: We will use biddable media
    for our campaigns across the main
    platforms, including social me-
    dia. That’s Facebook, Instagram,
    LinkedIn and Google AdWords.
    RTB — real-time bidding — helps
    optimize our campaign. The CTA
    includes newsletter sign-ups and
    bookings. Geo-targeting is our
    marketing tool of choice.
    Gitti: What exactly is that?
    Tom: It enables us to deliver per-
    sonalized content to individual
    users based on their geographic
    location. You might know it as
    location-based marketing.
    10. Understand the targeting
    Cath: How is geo -targeting diffe-
    rent from geofencing?
    Tom: That’s when you set up a
    unique marketing area. Inside this
    area, you can send relevant market-
    ing messages to targeted individ-
    uals. Usually, it’s done through a
    native mobile app. As you’ve ruled
    out an app, geofencing is not an
    Cath: OK, so geo-targeting it is.
    That sounds like the option that
    really interests us.

Illustration: Bernhard Förth

, zur Auktion freige-
geben, auktionsfähig

real-time bidding
, Echtzeitauktion

rule sth. out
, etw. ausschließen

, einzigartig
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