(Joyce) #1



Discussing optimization

(^) Write good, engaging content based
on the things that your buyer perso-
nas are looking for. [4]
(^) You need to write catchy headlines.
Talking about privacy
(^) We value your privacy! [8]
(^) By continuing to browse our site,
you agree to our privacy terms. [8]
(^) We will not share your information
with any third parties. [8]
Inviting an action
(^) Click here to consent! [8]
(^) Stay up to date with... [8]
(^) Get our daily newsletter in your
inbox. [8]
(^) Don’t miss out on... [8]
Asking for more information
(^) What exactly is that? [9]
(^) How is geo-targeting different from
geofencing? [10]
(^) Tell me what you know. [12]
Asking about metrics
(^) How long are people staying on our
site? [11]
(^) How have we performed? [12]
(^) Can you talk me through the fig-
ures? [12]
(^) How does that look? [12]
Talking about metrics
(^) Let me talk you through the latest
results. [11]
(^) The bounce rate is much higher. [11]
(^) It’s less than 45 per cent. [11]
(^) CPA was lower than any other past
campaign. [11]
(^) We’ve increased... [12]
(^) Social-media shares are up. [12]
(^) Page views are up. [12]
(^) They’ve gone through the roof! [12]
As with any marketing campaign,
digital marketing should focus on
highlighting the answers to some of
the following questions:

  • What is your company amazing at?

  • Why are you different from every-
    one else?

  • What makes you the authority for it?

  • Why is this content relevant for your
    target audience?

  • What value does this digital cam-
    paign bring to your company?

With digital campaigns, you often
have very little time to capture the
attention of tech-savvy consumers. In
the digital world, people browsing the
internet quickly move on to the next
social-media post or web page.
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