Out of the Abyss

(Jeff_L) #1

Spe/lcasting. Yantha IS a 5th· level spellcaster. Her spellcasting
ab1l1ty IS Intelligence (spell save DC 13) She has the following
·111Zard spell~ prepared

Cantnps (at will). dancing ltghts,fnends, mendmg,
1st level (4 slots): comprehend languages, detect magic, Tenser's
floating disk
2nd level (3 slots): detect thoughts, hold person
3rd level (2 slots): sending
Treasure. Th<' storag<' building contains l d i O x
10 pounds of food, ld 10 x 5 gallons of water. thirty
zurkhwood cttsk'i of Darklakc Stout ale worth 50 gp
t>ach. and a ph•thora of finely crafted metalworks:
2cl6 battlcaxc..,
2d6 glaivec;
2d6 lon~c;word'>
2d6 morningstar<;
2d6 war p1cks
2d6 warhammer<,
I d6 uJtc; of ha If plate
ld6 suite; of chammail
ld6 suit<, of splint mail
ld6 c;uits of plate mail
An 1ron safe stands in a corner of the storage building.
The safe weighs I ,000 pounds. is locked, and contains
ld4 ma~ic items (dete-rmined by rolling on Magic Item
Table Bin chnptc·r 7 of the Dungeon Master's Guide).

Ghuldur know<, the combmation to unlock the safe.
which otherwise> requires a knock spell or similar
magic to open.
Yantha's gem-studded robe is worth 750 gp.
De velopment. If the char;~cters cure Yantha's
madness, she confesses to giving Krimgol's black grm
to her apprentice, F link Thunderbonk. She doesn't
know Flink's current whereabouts but can usc n
sending spell to contact him, whereupon she lcMns thai
he's "trapped'' in the drow enclave (area 4). She then
asks the characters to res<'ue him.
Restoring Yantha·!> sanity doesn't plac<~te Ghuldur or
Krimgol. The rharartf'rs can only appease Krimgol by
finding his gem and returning it to him. If he and his pet
xorn arc defeated in rombat. Ghuldur can be persuaded
ro call off the duergar attacking the svirfneblin enclave
(see area 6a).
XP Awards. I f the characters rescue Yantha. award
each of them 100 XP. I f they cure her madness. award
an additional 150 XP to each character.

    The deep gnome!:> look for any opportunity to corner the
    market on goods their competitors arc> in shon supply
    of. Gabble Dripskillet. the svirfncblin chief negotiator.
    used to sell salt. gemstones. and rar(' minerals from a
    stall in the eaMern market (area 3h), but she and several
    other svirfnf'hhn merchants wcrr forced to retreat to
    their wan·house (area 6b) when the duergar attacked.

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