The Detox Miracle Sourcebook: Raw Foods and Herbs for Complete Cellular Regeneration

(Barré) #1

God more than anything else, this fit perfectly for me. I decided I would live
in remote areas and attempt this level of consciousness. Becoming a hermit, I
started the process of eliminating the heavy or low-vibrational foods,
including meats and grains. I also wanted to stop eating vegetables, which left
me with a diet of only fruits and nuts. Finally, I decided to get away from all
acid-forming foods as well, so I stopped eating the nuts. With those choices I
had become what is called a “fruitarian.” I lived exclusively on fresh, raw

Nature’s Way

1. Natural (nature’s) health is not alternative medicine. Natural health is
traditional medicine.
2. Nature’s way is hundreds of thousands of years old. Chemical medicine
is only 125 years old.
3. Since the advent of chemical medicine, disease has skyrocketed.
4. Medicine should only consist of natural remedies that alkalize, clean and
regenerate the body.

My goal was still to attempt to live on pure air only. I had read about a
Catholic nun who lived high in the mountains of Tibet and only ate snow,
and about several others who had reportedly obtained this same refined level
of survival. To move in this direction, my next step was to limit my fruit
eating to one type only. According to my plan, after several months on one
type of fruit I could then stop all intake of food as we know it and I would
have obtained my goal. Of course this was a very radical approach to
experiencing God, but I had set my mind on it and had strong self-discipline.
I read a lot of Professor Hotema’s work on the power of organic oranges as a
complete food so I decided that these would be my only food.

I was a fruitarian for approximately four years, out of which I lived six
months exclusively on oranges. I had discovered a special organic orange
garden created by a person I considered to be a very high soul. Nature must
have been looking out for me during those times because this orange garden
had a bumper crop, and the grower was able to supply me with navel oranges
for the entire year.

During this period as a fruitarian I began to experience the truth of
Arnold Ehret’s work about the tremendous rejuvenational powers of the
body. I could cut myself and feel no pain. There was no bleeding, and the

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