The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

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the latter will say: “This is because it is so. That's how I feel. This is how my forefather did it."
The shaman has a goal and achieves the goal with intuitive methods. Thats it. There is no need to derive systems, rules, and theories. This is something quite strictly individual and it is not said that such a system can be easily passed on to other people. This, of course, does not mean that there are no rules and principles in shamanism. It is simply approached from the point of view of what is natural and what serves the purpose. In the Kabbalistic systems, the opposite is observed - there we have a very strong theoretical principle, which bases its correctness not on practicality but on authorities, religion, and belief. "It is written in the Torah, the Zohar or Sefer Yetzira, these are the words of God, so it must be correct. God cannot be mistaken. ” Here, in contrast to shamanism, every question has already been answered, but this does not mean that the system is flexible enough to be able to solve independent tasks. One can look at the Sephiroth, calculate the paths of the Tree of Life, calculate stellar horoscopes, but when one has to solve through this theory, a specific task, failure often follows, because the theory has nothing to do with practice and reality. This happens when the theory of a system is derived from hundreds of times rewritten and edited books (often from the uninitiated), rather than derived from the very nature and essence of the universe. Here, theory and dogma come first and only then is a way sought to adapt to something that is actually practically useful from a magical point of view. Therefore, in the Magic System of the Black Brotherhood, we dont work with any static models
that shall be followed, but with methods and Principles on how the Adept himself can build his
own personal magic style without being simply a blind follower. This System is alive and
continues to be written and enriched. A System that unleashes the full potential of the Occult
Disciple without erasing his individuality. In other words, if other teachings give ready-made
meals that are not sure whether they will satisfy every taste, the System of Black Adepts offers an
unlimited number of cooking products and the Principles of Cooking. The Adept, based on his
personal interpretation of these Principles, should cook the dish himself, which in his opinion is
the best for the specific case.
That is why we say that the Teachings of the Black Brotherhood is the soil from which all existing
(and non-existent) teachings and systems of the world originate. If the other teachings are like
branches of a tree, moving further and further away from the root, then the Teaching of the Black
Brotherhood retains its authenticity as the soil itself - ideas and principles that can create any kind
of tree.
If we are to draw this parallel, the teachings of the World say, "What is Law should be good and
useful to man, and should be applied." The Teachings of the Black Brotherhood have the opposite
pattern: "Only that which is useful and good to man and applied successfully can become Law."


The Path of the Adept requires the Awareness of the Hidden. Combining and applying the Legacy:
EYE-HAND-VOICE. Eye, these are the Principles. Hand, these are the Strategies. Voice, this is
the Magic Art. The Eye manifests in both the Hand and the Voice. Strategies are working with the
obvious. That is, to maintain Correctness and a high level of Flawlessness in thoughts, words, and
actions in daily life. It is the correct implementation of the Strategy that ensures the absence of
deviations from the Rule, set out in the Principles (EYE). About the Principles (the Seven
Principles), we talk in detail in the book "The Art of Flawlessness". We explain the Strategies in
detail in the book "The Art of Strategy". Here we will explain more about the Art of Magic. This

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