The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

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excluded as an option. Everything described so far is neither good nor bad. It's what it is. But it's
important to make a difference. Eye, Hand, and Voice go together in the Teachings of the Black
Brotherhood and this is one of the hallmarks. Principles are a good thing: "Love your neighbor,"
"A Tao that has a name is not a true Tao." "Love, Wisdom and Truth", etc. All Principles are
valuable, but only when applied in action. Otherwise, there are only words that people share, but
have not really experienced and therefore can not transmit this knowledge - because it is not yet
their knowledge. The knowledge that has not been experienced cannot become a part of you and,
accordingly, there is no way to pass it on to others. And this is where the thread breaks. One quote
remains - a repetition of Principles that most people do not have the ability to interpret. Entering
the Sixth Solar Race will no longer allow these defects and will correct them in a natural way.
Therefore, in the study of Art of Magic, we always approach the Eye, the Hand, and the Voice
together. Eye - Awareness. Hand - Awakeness. Voice - Flawlessness. Awareness + Awakeness =
Awareness develops Clarity. Awakeness develops Distinction. Flawlessness develops Approach.
The Eye is to be Flawless in your thoughts, the Hand is to be Flawless in your actions. Voice -
Flawless in your Words. It is from these three foundations (EYE, HAND, VOICE) that the work
with the Five Proto-Elements, the Seven Principles, the Nine Sounds, the 16 Guardians, the 27th
Keys, the 72nd Paths, 360th Formulas, the 504th Houses is enhanced. A total of 1000. That is why
we say that the System of the Black Brotherhood is Infinite. From 1000, 1 is the Adept, who passes
through the three zeros, or the three main types of darkness - the Inner Darkness, the Supreme
Darkness, the Absolute Darkness. The three zeros in 1000 are again the Legacy (Eye, Hand,
Voice). Therefore, in a sense, it is more correct to say (and it is said in the preface of the Book)
that the Sacred Book of the Black Brotherhood is a collection of the individual Teachings of the
Black Brotherhood in different Ages and Times. Teachings of Razaor, Teachings of Amekran,
Teachings of Alkinor, etc.) for the first time organized in one Book. One System. Therefore, in a
sense, we are talking about the Teachings of the Black Brotherhood (sometimes simply called the
Teaching) and the System of the Black Brotherhood (an organized gathering of all the Teachings
of the Brotherhood).



It is essential to say that we are rather talking about a collection of Teachings of the Black
Brotherhood from different epochs and that right now we can talk about a System of the Black
Brotherhood - namely the Teachings united in one System. It is this System that is described in the
passage quoted by the Sacred Book of the Black Brotherhood in the previous chapter. But why
exactly the Five Pra Elements, the Seven Principles ... etc? Let's explain.
Interconnection between the System 5- 7 - 9 - 16 - 27 - 72 - 360 - 504. These 8 components make up the
cube, the Universe. The foundation of the Black Brotherhood System. 5- 7 - 9 are the Three Rings
(The Ancient Language of the Black Brotherhood). They are separate and at the same time are part
of the whole System. 5, 7, and 9 have many meanings. These are the three fundamental worlds - 5
the Celestial, 7 the human, 9 - the underground. 16, 27, and 72 (Keepers, Keys, and Paths) are
another separate System that rests on the Golden Ratio. 72 Paths divided by the Golden Ratio 1.
give 45. 72 - 45 = 27. Thus we get 27 Keys. 27 divided by 1,618 = 16.6, the 16 Keepers. The 72
Paths multiplied by the 5 Proto-Elements gives 360 Formulas. 72 Paths multiplied by the 7

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