The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

Awareness is absolute Measure. There are no alternatives. In order to make sense of both, it is
necessary to look at the bigger picture, of which Awareness is a part. The Legacy of the Teachings
of the Black Brotherhood, the Legacy of Razaor is “Eye. Hand. Voice.” Eye - Awareness. Hand -
Awakeness. Voice - Flawlessness. The Eye sees and realizes. The Hand is always awake and ready
to act. The Voice must be Flawless in order to reach its goal. (First Principle: Be Flawless in your
Words). Awareness, Awakeness, and Flawlessness are the three edges of the pyramid (the
Triangular Pyramid of Razaor, the Pyramid of the Black Brotherhood). These are the Three Sisters.
Correctness is the product of these three Measure. Correctness is the top of the Pyramid. Every
time the Disciple feels that he is not in the Correctness, it means that he is missing one of the Three
Awareness is expressed in seeing the idea of the Flame in everything around you. To see (with
your magical vision, not with simple eyes) the signs and manifestations of the Flame. Awareness
is not what is happening, but what you perceive from what happened. He who has Awareness
cannot be deceived in any way.
Awakeness is when you are always with your eyes open for the Hidden, for the wonderful, for the
impulses coming from the Supreme Darkness. Awakeness is to realize the incorrectness of
thoughts, words, and actions the moment they are realized, immediately afterward. When you
reach a high level of Awakening, you will realize everything before it happens, and so you will
not make mistakes. Awakeness is your reaction that dictates Reality. Awakeness is the way you
react to events before they happen. Awakeness is a state of constant Awareness, without impurities.
Awakeness is developed by the one who needs it - the Magicians, the Warriors. It is very difficult
for an ordinary person to develop an actual Awakeness because he does not really need it, just as
a farmer does not need a sword. You must first declare war on all your weaknesses, overflows,
temptations, and irregularities, and then accept the Mission. Then you will reach the so-called
"point of no return" - you will be forced to reach the "bottom of the ocean" or lose yourself on the
Path. Then Awakeness will be your main weapon. This implies the development of constant
magical vision - to see both the obvious and the Hidden. Developing constant Awakeness means
having a constant Mission, having finally chosen the Path of the Flame, the Path of the Ancients.
Then the Magician develops a special quality arising from Awakeness - Attention. Awakeness is
a constant, like Energy. Attention is a phenomenon that manifests itself for the Warrior only during
battle. In special cases. Then he goes back to Awakeness - the constant readiness for battle.
The Flawlessness is that you do not have any unnecessary actions and all your efforts are aimed at
completely merging with the Flame. Flawlessness is when you stop being a slave of your mind
and start serving the Flame. When you become a guide of the Teachings.
He who has Awareness cannot be deceived. He who has Awakeness cannot be surprised. He who
is Flawless cannot make human mistakes. The uninitiated often never realize the Hidden. Initiated
becomes aware after making a mistake. The Black Adept realizes the Hidden before the mistake
happens. Flawlessness gives access to the Hidden and the Key that opens all the doors that can be.


Clarity. Distinguish. Approach.
When the Apprentice meets the Three Sisters - Awareness, Awakeness, and Flawlessness and the
latter are mastered - the Apprentice becomes a Magician. Then it's time to get acquainted with the
Three Pillars: Clarity, Distinguish, and Approach. One, Two, and Three.

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