The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

Object of his Intention through each of these Doors. The Magician cannot be emotional as the
other humans because he has stopped talking to his mind and there is nothing to produce emotions.
People's lives are guided by emotions, and the Magician`s life is guided by his Mission set by the
Flame. When a person is not whole, he is like a cloth that absorbs everything that is poured on him
and then has to be squeezed, washed, and dried in order to be used again. The Magician is
complete. What gives him completeness? His Unconditional Choice - the Flame and the received
Mission. That's why he is like a stone - whatever emotions are poured on him, they can only get
him wet, but they never soak into him. The stone does not accept the water because they are



The Seven Principles are of special importance to the Art of Magic. Whoever applies the Magic
Art is immersed in magic and also becomes vulnerable to its influence. It is the Seven Principles
that perform the role of personal protector and regulator. They are like a pattern that is repeated
everywhere - both in the Art of Flawlessness and in the Art of Strategy and the Art of Magic. The
First Principle emphasizes "be" - what the Magician should be. The Second Principle pays
attention to what should be removed. What the Apprentice should not be. The Third Principle
guides what to do to become a Sun (Adept). The Fourth Principle is aimed at working with the
Hidden and the Secret. The Fifth Principle concerns the subject of time as an essential phenomenon
in Magic and how to control it. The Sixth Principle explains the details of transformation and how
to move from one state to another. The Seventh Principle speaks of foundations and subtleties in
Magic Art such as the Smile and the Bow.



The more you learn the Art of Magic, the more you will know and be able to do than the average
person, but never be arrogant. Be magnanimous to all people and their shortcomings. They are
what they are and have their place in the world and their role to play. At the same time, don't
underestimate people - although ignorant, they can be very dangerous in their ignorance. The
Magician is present among the people but truly lives only in the Hidden. He never seeks to be
accepted by them and always keeps a certain distance, so few know the way of living of the true


Whoever practices the Art of Magic becomes incomprehensible to people. His thoughts cannot be

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