The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

features. In this step, the Magician demonstrates his finest skills and mastery, just as an artist makes
the touches of his painting, and the musician demonstrates his virtuosity. In this step, success rests
on experience and skill, on "better education" in the Art of Magic. That is why the Apprentice
needs to study the different types and systems of Spells, Formulas, Methods, and Rituals, to train
and apply them in different situations in order to gain real experience, not copied and borrowed
from others knowledge. For this step, it is very possible that you will not be able to prepare in
advance, but will have to react immediately, which means one thing: you will not always be able
to use pre-made Spells and Formulas. This also means that you should be able to compose adequate
Spells and Formulas at the moment and according to the situation. For this purpose, the Apprentice
should have thoroughly studied the Principles of operation of the various systems of magical
methods and tools and have trained hard to build them and applied them. If in Step Five the
question is the scale of the Power that we can summon and control, then here the question is to
what extent we master the finest aspects of Art of Magic and the Ancient, Secret, and Hidden
Languages as well.

Seventh Step:

Proto Element Chaos: "The Voice". In this step, the very performance, the realization of the
Magic Act, is manifested. This is the moment of culmination in the whole structure. This is a
moment that every stage artist knows well. You can prepare for a performance for months and not
be in shape, not concentrated, and not able to show what you are actually capable of on the day of
the performance. If there are difficulties with the performance of the Magic Act, they should be
sought in the Six Fundamentals of the Art of Magic. Therefore, the Apprentice of Magic should
keep himself in top form in every respect - both practice everything that is part of his training and
to maintain himself physically and not be careless with his health. His body and health are not his
own, but are "lent" to him so that he can serve and fulfill his mission. The Seventh Step tests the
inner confidence and devotion of the Apprentice. Be uncompromising to yourself and absolutely
unconditional in your performance. Perform the Magic Act with the feeling that your life depends
on it. Perform the Magic Act with the understanding that you become part of Antiquity and you
are its carrier and presentation in the World of people. Perform the Magic Act like it is the last one
you will perform. Do your best without regretting anything, without surpluses and remainders.
Perform the Magic Act without thinking about your safety, without fear, without dusk in your
mind. Perform the Magic Act with the Smile of the one who has consciously and irreversibly
chosen to serve the Flame. Then nothing can stand against you.

Eighth Step:

Modulation 4: “The Response” - In this step, we observe how the Object of Intention actually
absorbs and perceives the Magic Act. Feedback. How the Object modulates in relation to our
magical influence. This is the moment when the reverse inertia of our actions might appear. This
largely depends on the Energy level and willpower of the Object. Sometimes the reverse
momentum might come from side factors - third parties, to which we have attracted attention for

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