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On The righT eMpATh


s it a fruit? Is it a vegetable? Or a^
tool to help witches fly? Tomatoes^
made their way to Europe from^
South America in the mid-1500s
and got caught up in the ongoing
witch-hunting craze.^
It was rumoured this foreign fruit was
used to make an ointment that witches^
smeared on their broomsticks so they^
could soar away and cast evil spells.^
Tomatoes are in the same botanical^
family as noxious nightshade and^
hallucinogenic mandrake, but they are^
really their simpler, tastier cousins. We^
know that now... or do we?^
When millions of tomato seeds^


here’s empathy, and then there’s empaths. Most people can tune
into other people’s emotions – empaths take on other people’s
energy even if they don’t want to.
This hyper-sensitivity can make an^
empath socially anxious or^
mentally distressed. It can^
also make them^
psychic. A study
published through^
the National^
Centre for
in Maryland
empaths have
unique social-
cognitive abilities.
Empaths read
minds. They decode
non-verbal clues and
pick up subconscious cues.^

Many empaths receive images, colours and smells when
listening to others. As the study states, these individuals
have ‘elevated mentalising abilities’.^
The word ‘empath’ first appeared in science fiction to
describe a being with paranormal ability to apprehend the
mental or emotional state of another individual.

were sent into outer space in a NASA-
sponsored science student program,
toxic tomato stories went viral. The seeds^
had returned as fully-formed red and juicy^
treats, but the pupils never got to taste their
experiment. A leaked internal memo from^
NASA stated there was a
chance the seeds could have^
been exposed to cosmic^
radiation. Even the^
company that supplied the^
seeds warned of poisonous^
mutations. So the poor^
pomodoros were pulped.
NASA eventually
repeated the trial, but to avoid
the previous panic, used basil.
A harmless herb which actually^
goes nicely with tomatoes.
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