Out of the Abyss

(Jeff_L) #1

The adventurers come aero'>!> a '>mall ruin hidden
in the Underdark. 1 h1!> might bt• tht' creation of a
subterranean race or a ~urfarc rum that collapsed and
:,ank long ago. If the charartcr.., ~earch the ruins. there
~a 50 percent chance of thc·m finding ld4 trinkets (see
hapter 5. "Equipment.· of the Plajer's Handbook). Roll
on the Trinket~ table or c·hoo~ appropriate ones.

The party '>tumble upon a ravr that i<. s heltered and
easil} defended. If the character!> ramp here, they can
!lnish a Jon~ re l without an) chan<'e of an encounter
while they are re!>ting.

One random pnrty member steps on and collapses a
sink holt', and mui>t succeed on n DC 12 Dexterity saving
throw to avoid falling Into 11 20 foot·dt:ep pit and taking

  • (2d6) bludgeoninf( damage. Climbing oul of the pit
    requires a successful DC IS Strength (Athletics) check.

As the advcnturers pa:.s through a c;mall cavern. they
encounter a patch of slime or mold. Roll a d6 and
con~ult the table to determine what type of slime or
mold IS present (see "Dungt·on Hazards" in chapter
5 oft he DunAeon Most<. r ~ Gwde for details on
!h~e thrt'ats).

d6 Encounter
l-3 P;tch of green slime
4-5 P;tch of yellow mold
6 Patch of brown mold

-\hot !>team vt'nt erupts beneath a random party
memb<'r, who must succeed on n DC 12 Dexteriry saving
~brow or takt~ 7 (2d6) fire damage.

-\ waterwny 2d4 )( 5 feet wide cut!> across the party's
pat b. The stream ic; s hallow and easily c rossed, and the
characters can drink and refresh thdr water supplies.
Edible fi~h inhabit the stream.'><> that the DC of any
foragmg attempts for food in thi<; area is reduced to 10.
Crossing the stream reduce~ the drow pursuit level by 1.

The character'> c>nter a cavern dotted with stalagmites
and sralaetite~. Tho'>e with a pa<,c:;ivc Wisdom
Perception) !>C'Ore of II or h1ghcr spot the foiJowing
,il!il carvt'd into one of the c;talagmues:

The '>I gil is a drow warning sign thnt means ~Demons
ahead!" Any non-drow creature that touches lhe symbol
mu!>t ruake n DC 10 Wisdom '>aving throw. On a failed
sa .. e. tbe creature·., madnl~.,.., Je .. el increases by 1.
If the character!> take a long rest within one mile of
the warning sign. roll a d20 and consult the table to
determine what. 1f an} thing. the} encounrer at the end of
their rest.

d20 Encounter
1-14 No encounter
15-16^1 mvtstble barlg ura
17-18 3d4 dretches
19-20 1d2 shadow demons

Sticky webs tills a pa~sai<· (sec ''Dungeon Hazards'' in
chapter 5 of the DunAI'OII Master's Guide). The webs
extend for hundred-. of fct>t. Unless the characters
come up with a plan for dearing the webs quickly,
the party's travel pace for the day is halved as the
characters art• fon·cd to cut their way through or find an
alternate route.
Check for an enc-ounter when the party enters the
webs. On a roll of 1 2 on a d6. the characters encounter
ld4 giant s pider lurkml;( among the webs.

Keep the party'<. lc\'(~1 m mmd when fleshing out these
encounters, and allow the cha1acters to retreat from or
a\'oid an encounter that I!'> too great a challenge. Escape
should come at a cost, however. Characters fleeing lheir
camp to avoid a creature c:ncoumer might be forced to
abandon food and water ::.upplies, for example.

d20 Encounter
1-2 Ambushers, reroll this encounter if the
characters are resting
3 Carnon crawler
4-5 Escaped slaves
6- 7 Fungt
8-9 Ctant fire beetles
10-11 Ciant •·rocktopus"
12 Mad creature
13 Ochre Jelly
14-15 Ratders
16 Scouts
17 Soc•ety of Bnlhance
18 Spore servants
19-20 Traders

One or more creatures allcmpt to ambush the party
as it makes its way throu~h the Undcrdark. Roll a d20
and consult the table to determine what the characters

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