Out of the Abyss

(Jeff_L) #1
d20 Encounter
1-2 1 chuullurktng •n a pool of water
3 1d6 giant spiders clmg.ng to the walls or ceiling
4-S 1 grell Roaung near the high ce1hng
6- 9 1d4 gricks h1d1ng tn a crevtce or fissure
10-15 ld4 orogs perch1ng on ledges
16-17 1d6 pierc~rs masquerad1ng as stalactites
18-20 1 umber hulk bursttng out of a nearby waU

If th~ ambu ... h on url:> in the monMer·s lair. there is
a chance that t hara<.'tt.:r::. ::.earching the area find
something of tntt·rc'!)t or value. Roll a d20 and consult
tbc wble beiO\\ to ..,ce whar, tf anything. they find

d20 Discovery
1 -10 None
11 - 12 A humanoid skeleton or corpse clutching a
salvageable, nonmag1cal weapon (your choice)
13-1 4 A humano1d skeleton or corpse wearing a
salvageable sutt of non magical armor (your choice)
15 -17 1d6 50 gp gems
18-19 A humano1d skeleton or corpse carrying a random
magtc 1tem (roll once on Mag1c Item Table 8 in
chapter 7 of the Dungeon Mauer's Gutde)
20 A monster hoard conta1mng 2d6 SO gp gems and
one or more random magte uems (roll 1d4 times
on Mag1c Item Table C'" chapter 7 of the Durtgeon
MaHer's Gutde)

The t•haracter-. encounter a carrio n crawle r scouring
tunnt·l<, and t•mc::. for food.
There is n 25 percent chance that the crawler is
dorne~lit-ated <llld outfitted with a leather saddle and
harne:.s, though then·'::. no ::.ign of the ri der. A c ha racter
can approach :ulfl mou nt the carrion crawle r witho ut
being a ttacked hy ~ut·ceeding on a DC 13 Wisd o m
(Animal t-landllng) chec•k. While in the saddle and
harness, a rid!!r can r~main mounted on the carrion
crawler a~ it crawls aero::.~ walls and ceilings.

The-.c: l>laH•.., h,I\C• bt•t'n wandering the Underdark since
the1r e<;(;ape from GnH.:kl::.tugb or Menzoberranzan.
They are ,croun~mg for food and water. Roll a d4 and
con!>ult the table: to dt:tc·rminc what the characters
cncoumcr. Elf. d\arf. and human slaves are friendly: if
gi\'cn food and \atc:r tht'y'll join the party. Goblin slaves
are ho!.tile and likely to auaek.

d4 Encounter
1 1d2 moon elf commoners
2 1d3 sh1eld dwarf commoners
3 ld4 human commoners
4 ld6 goblins

Clli\1'1 PR 2 ltNIO 11'\RI\:Nl.sS

Roll a d6 and consult the table to determine what kinds
of fungi the character cncoumer.

1 2
3- 4

1d4 ps spores
1d4 shriekers
ld4 violet fungi

There':. a 25 pc·rccnt chance that a gas spore carries a
mc:mor} fragm<.' nt from a dead beholder in itl> spores
(see the gas ::.pore'!> dc::.criptton in the -Fungi-entry
of Mon...,ter \.l:wual). This memory can be of anything
you wish, or you can roll a d4 and consult Lhe Beholder
Memories tahle.

d4 Memory
1 A tense negotiation with drow, ending with the
beholder agreetng to allow the drow safe passage
through "the Vast Obhv1um" in eltchange for help
nddmg Its lair of a deep gnome infestation
2 Chas1ng sv1rfneblm thieves through the tunnels of
us domatn to recover stolen gemstones
3 A fierce b;lttle agaonst a w1zened drow archmage,
endtng W1th the beholder suffenng a grievous injury
4 Spymg on a drow ranger w1th two gleammg
sc1mllars and a black. quo1drupedal
an1mal compo1n1on

The characters encounter Jd6 giant fire beetles
scouring tunnels and cave'\ for food. Characters in
need of light sources can harvcl:>t the glowing glands of
!>lain beetles.

T his creature is a giant octopus t hat has evolved to live
and thrive on land. It can a lter itl) coloration to appear
a~ a rock formation, and it t~nds to lurk in crevices
and fi~sures. attacking smaller crcmures that wander
near. It has a walking ::.peed of 20 feet and a climbing
speed of 10 feet. loses its llold Breath feature. and
replaces its Underwater Camouflage feature with the
following feature:

Camouflage. The octopus has advantage on Dexterity
(Stealth) checks

The part} encounters a creature dri"en insane by the
influence of the demon lord::.. Roll a d4 and consult
the table to determinC" what appears. Then roll on the
Indefinite Madne .., table in chapter 8 of the Dungeon
Mascer's Guidt." to determine the nature of the creature's
madness. If cured of its madness, the creature behaves
in accordance with its alignment.
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