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No, you can add any PDF with any pages you want, but there is a limitation on the storage space you can store books. Upgrade to PLATINUM OR ENTERPRISE account to get unlimited book storage.

Both, you can create flipbook based on Flash or HTML5, according to your preferences.

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It according to the plan you choose. Please check it here.

Shelf is like playlist. Create shelves to classify your favorite publications. You can add your or other people’s publications to your shelf. People can also check and follow your shelf.

Collections page shows the publications you liked, shelves and people you followed.

Categories means what content your publication is about. Choose the appropriate category for your publication to get more precise traffic.

Group is only visible to yourself. Create different groups to manage your publications. Extremely useful when you have uploaded a large number of publications.

Yes, it is free, but you need to upgrade to paid plans for advanced features.


Create an account, it is free. Upload your PDF with the browser or using the desktop app, customize your flipbook and then click Upload.

Yes, download the desktop app to upload flipbook to your website.

Send them the unique book url or share the book to your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Yes. You can upload flipbook to your own domain name. But you need to upgrade to Platinum or Enterprise account.

All publications can be downloaded in issuhub. Only PRO and above users can disable the download button.

Account & settings

Click the Settings button, then you can change email and details.

Yes. Our payment is done via FastSpring which provides a secure and convenient online payment service.

Yes, no matter what kind of account you have, even Free version, you are free to login in from Windows, Mac or any online platform.


Your publications are stored on our server. Your books are very secure.

Yes, but only for paid users. Feel free to set any book of yours public or private. You can also set password to protect the publications. If you just want certain Issuhub users to view your private publication, you can add multiple Issuhub users email addresses via Email Permission option.

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