Daily Opens 30 000 daily opens 55 000 daily opens 100 000 daily opens 500 000 daily opens
Uploads / Month 100 2000 8000 Unlimited
Storage 100G 500G Unlimited Unlimited
Amount of offline books ( Offline Version ) 0 5 / month Unlimited Unlimited
Multi-User Account 1 1 3 10
Premium editor
Custom Domain Name
Add Video or Audio
Ads Free
Disable Issuhub users download
Password Protection
Online Book Private
Custom Logo/Branding
WordPress Plug-in
Merge Multi-PDFs to one Flipbook Publication
Online Scene
Share on Social Networks
Tracking with Google Analytics
Text Version (for SEO)
HTML or Zip Publication (Desktop Version)
Import Links
Cloud Publications
Custom Templates
Keyword Searching
Defined Bookmarks
Auto-Flipping Mode
Show/Hide Toolbar
Print Pages
Custom Background Image
Mobile ready
Frequently Asked Questions More >>

Can I disable the download button?

All publications can be downloaded in issuhub. Only PRO and above users can disable the download button.

Can I use my own URL and not

Yes. You can create your own custom domain name. But you need to upgrade to Platinum or Enterprise account.

What do I need to publish?

All you need to publish is a Issuhub account and a PDF.

Before you can upload publications, you must activate your account with the link sent to your email address.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to upload your PDFs to Issuhub cloud.

Do you support multiple PDF upload?

Yes. When you are uploading a PDF, open in a new tab, then you can upload another PDF.

What is Categories?

Categories means what content your publication is about. Choose the appropriate category for your publication to get more precise traffic.

What is Shelf?

Shelf is like playlist. Create shelves to classify your favorite publications. You can add your or other people’s publications to your shelf. People can also check and follow your shelf.

What is Group?

Group is only visible to yourself. Create different groups to manage your publications. Extremely useful when you have uploaded a large number of publications.

What is Collections?

Collections page shows the publications you liked, shelves and people you followed.

How to embed YouTube/Vimeo video on page?

After you upload the publication, you will see the Editor button on Manage. 

1. Click the Editor button, select the page where you want to add video, and click the YouTube/Vimeo icon in the left toolbar. Then the video window will appear on the page, adjust its size and position. 

2. Click the tab "YouTube"/"Vimeo" on the right toolbar. Copy the YouTube/Vimeo URL you want to insert and paste into the URL frame and click "OK", then YouTube/Vimeo video would be in the page. 

3. Click Publish to Cloud icon in the top right corner of the Editor, then you can enjoy the video on your publication.

How to find the Vimeo URL?

1. Go to the Vimeo website.

2. Navigate to the video you wish to embed.

3. Click the Share button, in the top right corner of your video.

4. A pop-up will appear with the embed link information. You will need to copy the embed link (  in order to add it to your page in Editor.

How to get the Embed URL of a Youtube Video?

1. Go to the YouTube video you want to embed.

2. Under the video, click SHARE.

3. Click Embed.

4. From the box that appears, copy the embed URL( Paste the code into Editor.